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Line of Duty Series 3 Episode 6 Reviews & Recaps

Line of Duty Series 3 episode 6– 28 April 2016: Urgent exit required, indeed!

What a fantastic ending to an already superb series.  Thanks to the Line of Duty cast and crew for a nail-biting and breath-taking 6 weeks of some of the best written television.

Congratulations are in order as Line of Duty becomes BBC Two’s biggest drama series, ever.

Now onto that stunning finale’s reviews and recaps!

We will be posting reviews and recaps after each episode airs.  If you’d rather not know what has happened until you have watched please proceed with caution on the following links:

The Guardian: Excellent blog and discussion of each episode.

Telegraph: The finale plus 13 burning questions.

Forbes: Nothing less than a tour de police force

The Sun: TV event of the year

Radio Times

Cult Box

Daily Express: A startling finale to the best run yet.

Digital Spy: Pulse pounding finale.

Den of Geek: Line of Duty cements its status as the most thrilling drama on television.

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Line of Duty Episode 3

Catch up with Line of Duty episode 3 via BBC iPlayer for the next 30 days.

DS Steve Arnott believes there is a dark secret in Danny Waldron’s past. But while DI Cottan is commended for cracking the Waldron case, the spotlight falls on Arnott’s questionable conduct in a previous enquiry.

Episode 4 airs Thursday 14 April at 9PM on BBC Two. Get a sneak peek.

Episode one
Episode two

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Line of Duty Series 3 Episode Reviews & Recaps

We will be posting reviews and recaps after each episode airs.  If you’d rather not know what has happened until you have watched please proceed with caution on the following links:

Line of Duty Episode 1 – 24 March 2016:

The Guardian: Stomach clenchingly tense, visceral and shocking…It’s a mesmerising, screen-owning, hit-the-big-time performance from Mays

The Telegraph:  Actor Daniel Mays works a nice line in baddies (This article has MAJOR episode spoilers so please don’t click if you haven’t watch yet!)

BT TV: Praise for Line of Duty’s Daniel Mays

Custard TV “Mays makes Waldron seem both charming and sinister in equal measure”

The Guardian episode by episode recap updated weekly

Den of Geek

The Daily Mail: The first episode quickly spelled out that for Series Three, creator-writer Jed Mercurio had upped the ante.

The Arts Desk: “Mays is superb”

The Telegraph: Five Stars

Digital Spy: Line of Duty just delivered one of the best scenes on tv in 2016 (THAT interrogation scene!)

Updated 24 March

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The Great Fire: Episode Four

ITV’s The Great Fire concludes on Thursday 6 November at 9PM.

Episode four

 Thomas guiltily reveals that Sarah’s husband Will is not dead as she suspected. He is in fact alive having deserted to the colonies, leaving his family alone and penniless. Sarah’s shock turns to anger at Thomas. And it’s with a shadow hanging over them that they return to Moorfields…


The Great Fire – Episode Two

The Great Fire continues Thursday 23 October with episode 2:

Episode two

The fire is gaining strength. Thomas bursts into sister-in-law Sarah Farriner’s lodgings to wake his family and lead them to safety. But Sarah is nowhere to be seen and their shouts for her in the street yield nothing. Thomas leads them through the crowds to the Thames. But they have no luck escaping by river, so instead make their way north towards Moorfields. 
Meanwhile, Sarah is being held in a private cell at Newgate Prison while Denton interrogates the Duke of Hanford’s Footman, Carter. Denton’s piecing together a theory about Hanford’s mysterious Spanish guest and believes a box the Spaniard keeps with him at all times contains the keys to a Catholic plot against the King. Soon it’s Sarah’s turn to be interrogated and when she refuses to cooperate, Denton throws her in Newgate’s general cell, crawling with crazed criminals. To her surprise she’s protected by Newgate’s most formidable criminal, Vincent. 
While she fights for her life, Sarah’s son David wanders the burning streets alone, searching for his mother. When he sees ‘Mr Wickes’, he thinks he’s found a friendly face – unaware that Wickes is simply one of many masks for Lord Denton. 
Pepys brings news of the fire’s spread to the King at the Palace of Whitehall and the subject is discussed at Council. While Hyde and Lord Ashley argue against it, encouraged by James and the Queen, the King follows Pepys’ advice to survey the damage for himself from the safety of the river. From this vantage point, the King is shocked into action, ordering his advisors to tear down buildings to create fire-breaks and to compensate the public for damage. But despite Pepys delivering this message to the Mayor himself, Hyde and Ashley undercut him by rescinding the promise to pay compensation. 
Elizabeth Pepys receives a visit from Mr Bagwell, the husband of the prostitute her husband has been visiting.  He is looking for work but makes it clear how Pepys knows his wife. Elizabeth is dismayed. Meanwhile, Sarah is taken back into interrogation with Denton, and remains strong until she sees he has captured David. 
Under great duress, Sarah agrees to retrieve the mysterious box from Catholic Romero’s chamber in Hanford’s house. Across the city, Hanford and Romero are meeting with someone in secret, clearly plotting something with a figure in the shadows, revealed to be the King’s own brother – James, the Duke of York. 
At Moorefields Thomas tells Hannah to look after her sister because he must find Sarah and David. Exhausted and careworn, Thomas journeys back into the burning city.
Episode One