Daniel Mays has joined the second series cast of Porters on Dave.

Exclusive from The Sun:

The Line Of Duty actor will play Anthony in the second series of the sitcom with Edward Easton, whose character Simon thinks portering is a stepping stone to becoming a doctor – his true calling in life.

Daniel said: “I’m thrilled to be working on these hilarious scripts and joining the hugely talented cast of Porters series two.

“Not to mention re-teaming with the brilliant director Vadim Jean, who gave me my very first break, way back when.”

Porters was renewed for a second series in April for six episodes following it’s successful pilot run in 2018.

Starring: Daniel Mays, Edward Easton, Rutger Hauer, Susan Wokoma, Claudia Jessie, Jo Joyner, Sanjeev Bhaskar and Tanya Franks

Writer: Dan Sefton
Director: Vadim Jean

Lurking beneath St. Etheldreda’s hospital façade is a secret subterranean world. A world of endless corridors, party-throwing mortuary attendants, baton-happy security guards and legally blind laundry train drivers. This is the part of the hospital the public never gets to see – an underground community of hospital workers making the world above them run like clockwork(ish). Moving between the two worlds – the glue that binds everything together, the thin blue line between efficiency and chaos – are the porters. Whether it’s a urine sample, a complaining patient or a dead body – if it’s in St. Etheldreda’s, you’ll need a porter to move it.

Karma-loving, German born Tillman and black-market-Chinese-Viagra selling Frankie rule the porters’ roost. But then along comes Simon. To their great amusement, he thinks portering is just a temporary stepping-stone to what he sees as his true calling in life – being a doctor. He’s actually ambitious and to top it all, he’s about to fall in love with Lucy, a nurse (who all porters know don’t date porters). For Frankie, there’s only one cure for this heady cocktail of delusion. To wind him up like a clockwork mouse.

Because in this strange parallel universe, with the battle-hardened but exhausted Dr Kelly, hypochondriac, recidivist patient Mark, highly mischievous, gameplaying transplant surgeon Mr Pradeep, and ruthless NHS manager Jane Bison, there’s just one big goal for the porters below the decks: getting away with it.

So, lie back, hop on the trolley and enjoy the ride as our porters try to steer the course of least resistance through the topsy-turvy medical seas of life and death.

Porters. An upstairs/downstairs medical comedy. With wheels.

We will have more updates on Porters soon!

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Swimming With Men – Press

Swimming with Men is released in UK cinemas on Friday 6 July.  You can look forward to upcoming press appearances and articles featuring Daniel Mays and the rest of the cast.

Monday 9 July: BBC Radio Manchester interview- begins approximately 1hr 45 minutes into broadcast.

Thursday 5 July: BBC Radio London interview – begins at approximately 14 minutes into broadcast.

Thursday 5 July: BBC Front Row piece on Swimming with Men includes Daniel Mays.

Sunday 1 July: Daniel Mays interview in the Sunday Express


Thursday 28 June: BUILD Series London @ 13:30 – watch live via the BUILD Series app or online. You can also apply for tickets for the 13:15 session (you MUST arrive early to ensure seating in this small venue). This interview along with photos and extras will also be available online afterward.


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Swimming With Men – Now Playing!

Swimming with Men is released in cinemas today 6 July 2018!

Faced with a full-blown mid-life crisis, accountant Eric (Rob Brydon) joins an all-male group of synchronised swimmers (including Daniel Mays), discovering that making patterns in a pool can, for a couple of hours at least, smooth out the bumps in his work and marriage. Initially keeping their personal lives in the locker, the ramshackle squad and coach Susan (Charlotte Riley) slowly learn to reveal their inner lives, as well as their paunches. But can they get their lives and routines in sync as they embark on an unlikely journey to Milan to compete in the World Championship?

Get your group together and book tickets to see this feel-good summer film.

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Swimming With Men – London Premiere

Tonight saw the London premiere of Swimming with Men starring Daniel Mays, Rob Brydon, Jim Carter, Thomas Turgoose, Rupert Graves, Charlotte Riley. The cast and creatives walked the special blue carpet at the Curzon Mayfair.

Check out photos from the event:

Dive in because the pool officially opens on for Swimming with Men in UK cinemas on Friday 7 July. Get your team of family and friends together and go see this fun, feel-good, summer splash-hit!

Book tickets.

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Swimming With Men – Edinburgh Film Festival- World Premiere

On Sunday, 1 July Swimming With Men had its world premiere at the 72nd Annual Edinburgh Film Festival closing gala.

In attendance were Daniel Mays, Charlotte Riley, Rob Brydon, Thomas Turgoose, Nathaniel Parker, and director Oliver Parker (Dad’s Army).

See below for some photos from the red carpet:

You can also head over to the film fest’s Facebook for the red carpet interviews that were broadcast live as well as read some of their comments on what their experiences where with filming.

We are hearing all good things from the screening that Swimming With Men is a fun, feel-good, great summer film that is not to be missed!

The red carpet excitement continues on Wednesday, 4 July with the London film premiere at the Curzon Mayfair ahead of the wider UK cinema release on Friday, 6 July.

Make sure to book tickets and head out with your team of friends to see Daniel Mays in Swimming with Men!

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Two For Joy – World Premiere

Two for Joy starring Daniel Mays, Billie Piper, and Samantha Morton premiered last evening at the 72nd Annual Edinburgh Film Fest. We are already hearing great things from the premiere screening!

Two For Joy –

Vi has been forced to grow up fast; mother-daughter roles are reversed, Vi is Aisha’s carer as well as trying to control her rascal younger brother Troy, who with no father figure and a struggling mother, is a law unto himself – something must give, the situation must change.

TWO FOR JOY has been conceived and developed over the last six years through a series of short films and photo projects by Tom Beard. It’ll be a bold, unique and distinct departure from your classical social-realist film, while un-voyeuristically exploring and bringing into the public eye the consequence of some serious, British, topical themes that are often short-changed by the government, and under-represented on our screens.

Daniel Mays stars as Lias.

Photos from the red carpet:

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images


A wider release of the film is expected but look for it on the 2018 film fest circuit.

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Swimming With Men – Film Clips

Check out the Swimming with Men film clips and trailers that have been released in the run up to the premiere in July.

A smart and funny comedy, Swimming with Men features lovely performances from Jim Carter, Rupert Graves, Daniel Mays, Adeel Akhtar and Thomas Turgoose as would-be synchronised swimmers, all of whom are using the sport to deal with their own issues.

Teaser trailer:

Official Trailer:

Swimming with Men is released in the UK on 6 July but has its world premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival on 1 July.  Tickets are still available.

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TES Magazine – My Best Teacher

Daniel Mays has a wonderful article in the 25 May issue of Tes Magazine. Danny talks about his art teacher Jane Brown Todd and how she positively influenced him:

Danny says in the article: “Without [Jane Brown Todd] I don’t think that I’d have had the deep rooted passion for art that I do. Even though she  was an art teacher, she made a lasting contribution to me as a performer…”

Jane Brown Todd retired from Italia Conti this year and everyone on Team DM wishes her all of the best!

Tes is dedicated to supporting the world’s teachers. Our mission is to enable great teaching by helping educators to find the tools and technology they need to excel and by supporting them throughout their career and professional development. We are home to the world’s largest online community of teachers, with 7.9 million registered users. This network is one of the fastest growing of any profession globally and helps to support, guide and inspire educators around the world.

For more information on Tes and the great work that they do please visit their website.

With many thanks to Tes & Tes Magazine for their kind use of this
magazine article.

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Swimming with Men – Official Trailer

The Independent has the exclusive first look at the official trailer for Swimming With Men:

The Independent says: Perhaps the best line of the trailer comes from Daniel Mays (Rogue One): “We’re just a bunch of middle-aged men who want to meet up in trunks that are too small for us, and make funny little patterns in a pool.”

A bittersweet British comedy packed with delightful performances, Swimming with Men – hailed ‘The Full Monty in speedos’ – is a winning comedy drama, with Rob Brydon excellent as a middle-aged man who stumbles across a rather unusual way to try and deal with the issues in his marriage.

Brydon plays Eric, an accountant whose life seems to be in order until in a moment of middle-aged madness he starts to think his wife, Heather (Jane Horrocks), is having an affair and he moves out of their home. He finds solace of sorts at the local swimming pool, where he ends up joining a team of similarly challenged men who form a male synchronized swimming team. Against all odds, they end up training for the world championships in Milan, with Eric hoping his wife will be impressed by his new skills.  

Can their coach, Susan (Charlotte Riley), whip them into shape? Will they master the flower, the pyramid and the spinning circle in time? More importantly, can Eric win Heather back with the help of his newfound confidence? A smart and funny comedy, Swimming with Men features lovely performances from Jim Carter, Rupert Graves, Daniel Mays, Adeel Akhtar and Thomas Turgoose as would-be synchronised swimmers, all of whom are using the sport to deal with their own issues.

Swimming With Men has its UK premiere at the Edinburgh Film Fest on 1 July.  Some tickets are still available – Book tickets.

The film opens in UK cinemas on 6 July.

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Fisherman’s Friends – It’s a wrap!

Production on Fishermans’ Friends is officially wrapped as of 3 June 2018.

Based on the true story of a group of fishermen from Port Issaac, Cornwall who are signed by Universal Records and achieve a top ten hit with their debut album of Sea Shanty’s and even went on to play the main stage at Glastonbury in 2011.

In a twist of fate, cynical music executive Danny (Daniel Mays) finds himself in a small Cornish village trying to sign a group of shanty singing fishermen. Attempting to overcome the fishermen’s skepticism about the music business he finds himself drawn into the community, has his integrity tested and ultimately is shown the meaning of loyalty, love and friendship.

Also joining Daniel in the cast are James Purefoy, Dave Johns, Tuppence Middleton, David Heyman, Maggie Steed, and Noel Clarke.

Check back here for updates including the film’s release date in 2019!

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