Guerrilla on Sky Atlantic

All episodes of Guerrilla are now available on via the SkyGo app!

Daniel Mays portrays Inspector Liam Cullen in this exciting new series.

From Academy Award® winner John Ridley (12 Years A Slave, American Crime), comes the six-part limited series GUERRILLA, a love story set against the backdrop of one of the most politically explosive times in U.K. history. It tells the story of a couple whose relationship and values are tested when they liberate a political prisoner and form a radical underground cell in 1970s London. Their ultimate target becomes the Black Power Desk, a true-life, secretive counter-intelligence unit within the Special Branch dedicated to crushing all forms of black activism. While the series is set against a background of social and political activism, at its heart GUERRILLA is about a relationship under pressure, and the reality that for any couple there comes a point when the choices they make have real and lasting consequences.

GUERRILLA stars Screen Actors Guild Award-winner Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) and Babou Ceesay (Getting On). Additional cast includes Laurence Olivier Award-winner Rory Kinnear (PENNY DREADFUL, Spectre), Nathaniel Martello-White (Deadmeat), Daniel Mays (Line of Duty), Denise Gough (People, Places & Things), Brandon Scott (Grey’s Anatomy), Zawe Ashton (Fresh Meat) and Nicholas Pinnock (Fortitude), along with Golden Globe® winner Idris Elba (Luther, Beasts of No Nation), who also serves as an executive producer through his Green Door Pictures. Along with Ridley and Elba, the executive producers are Michael J. McDonald for Stearns Castle, Patrick Spence and Katie Swinden for Fifty Fathoms and Tracy Underwood for ABC Signature.

GUERRILLA is a co-production between Fifty Fathoms and ABC Signature, in association with SKY UK.

Go forth and binge watch!

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2017 BAFTA Television Nomination – Supporting Actor

Congratulations to Daniel Mays for his well deserved BAFTA Television nomination for Supporting Actor for Line of Duty series 3!

Daniel Mays portrayed Danny Waldron in the explosive series 3 of the award winning & critically acclaimed Line of Duty.

Congratulations and best of luck to Danny!  We are so proud of and excited for you!

The Virgin TV  BAFTA Television Awards take place Sunday, 14 May 2017 at the Royal Festival Hall in London and will air as-live that evening on BBC One.

Daniel Mays is represented by Curtis Brown Group

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Guerrilla – Inspector Cullen

Daniel Mays is Inspector Cullen in the Showtime and Sky Atlantic series Guerrilla.

Chief Inspector Pence’s right hand man is Cullen a great cop and loyal to a point. But he is more of a humanist than his boss, and he clashes with Pence over the best way to reign in the in the movement without further fanning its flames.

Guerrilla premieres on Sky Atlantic at 9PM on Thursday 13 April and on Showtime at 9PM Sunday 16 April.

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Voices of Guerrilla

“Voices of Guerrilla” a special 14 minute episode with cast and creatives interviews is available online via SkyGo. Click the above link, then click ‘Watch” to be taken to the SkyGo app.

Daniel Mays features and gives insight to his character Cullen, a member of the police Special Branch Black Desk.

Watch this special feature now ahead of the Guerrilla premiere on Thursday 13 April on Sky Atlantic.

All episode of Guerrilla will be available online 13 April as a box set for Sky subscribers.

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Guerrilla – UK Premiere

The Guerrilla UK premiere was held tonight at The Curzon Bloomsbury in London.

Daniel Mays was in attendence:

Check out the Showtime Guerrilla Facebook page for more photos too.

Guerrilla premieres Thursday 13 April on Sky Atlantic at 9PM and then in the USA on Showtime on Sunday 16 April at 9PM.

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Press Updates – Guerrilla & Born to Kill

We will be keeping track of Daniel Mays’s press appearances and articles for Guerrilla (Sky Atlantic and Showtime) and Born to Kill (Channel 4) right here:


Friday 7 April: The One Show – 7PM BBC One (episode will be available via BBC iPlayer shortly after broadcast)


Courtesy of BBC The One Show

Saturday 8 April: Soccer AM – 9:45 AM Sky Sports 1 & Sky1 (if you miss it, tune in an hour later at 10:45AM on Sky1 +1). Watch Danny’s ‘It’s a Pen Ting’!

Thursday 13 April: Good Morning Britain ITV

Wednesday 18 April: Lorraine ITV

Sunday 30 April: Sunday Brunch Channel 4 9AM


Thursday 13 April:

Edith Bowman at Breakfast  Airs 6-10AM on Virgin Radio. (program will be available online shortly after broadcast)

BBC 5 Live Afternoon Edition Airs 1-4PM on BBC Radio 5 (program will be available online shortly after broadcast). If you listen to anything, this is THE interview.  A very rich and in-depth conversation with Danny. BBC Radio 5 Extras has just Danny’s interview now online.

Saturday 15 April: Loose Ends – 18:15PM BBC Radio 4

Monday 17 April: BBC Front Row  will have a review of Born to Kill.

Wednesday 18 April: BBC Radio Scotland 14:00PM (program will be available online shortly after broadcast).

Thursday 20 April: BBC Radio Wales at 13:15PM

Wednesday 26 April: Steve Wright in the Afternoon BBC Radio 2 at 2PM (will be available shortly after broadcast) Danny’s interview is just after 2 hour 30 minute mark.

Online articles:

8 April: Sun TV magazine
              Whats On TV

9 April: Mail on Sunday – Event Magazine

10 April: Daily Express

12 April: Belfast Telegraph

16 April: Daily Mail – Born to Kill

Sunday Mirror Notebook Magazine

The Sun Fabulous Magazine

18 April: Heat Magazine’s The Unmissables podcast

19 April: The Sun

20 April: The Version

BBC Newsbeat


21 April: Daily Express

Radio Times

3 May : A Stab in the Dark podcast

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BBC Radio 4 – Hard Stop

BBC Radio 4 has released the synopsis for the radio play Hard Stop a new radio play by Peter Bleksley starring Daniel Mays.

Hard Stop


Courtesy of BBC Press

Daniel Mays stars as PC Sam Jenkins, an armed officer sent to intercept a known criminal whom Police Intelligence has reported is on his way to shoot an arch rival.

The interception involves a highly risky operation known as a Hard Stop involving four police cars boxing in a speeding vehicle forcing it to stop before apprehending or neutralizing its occupants.

Having forced two young men off the road Jenkins imagines he sees the passenger reach for a gun and shoots him four times with his rifle. Though a weapon is discovered inside the car it appears that it is unloaded and in effect harmless. The Prosecution and Defence now are faced with the task of arguing whether a Hard Stop was the right tactic deployed.

Daniel Mays ….. PC Sam Jenkins
Andrea Lowe ….. Jane Tucker
John McAndrew ….. David Fenton QC
Baba Oyedije ….. Dennis Alam
Ron Cook ….. DI Quigley
Robert Blythe ….. Professor Moore
Peter Bleksley ….. Inspector Martin
Sanchia McCormack ….. Court Usher
Khali Best ….. Herol Jackson
Chetna Pandya ….. Judge

Eoin O’Callaghan ….. Director
Gemma McMullan ….. Producer

Hard Stop airs Thursday 13 April at 2:15PM on BBC Radio 4.  The programme will be available via BBC Radio iPlayer shortly after broadcast.

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Interview: Born to Kill

CONFIRMED: Born to Kill will air Thursday 20 April at 9:00PM on Channel 4.

Daniel Mays stars in Channel 4’s new four-part psychological thriller Born to Kill. Read his interview for this exciting series and his character Bill:

You co-star in Channel 4’s new thriller, Born to Kill. Explain a little bit about the show.
I’d describe Born to Kill as a ‘study in psychopathy’, it’s very much in the heads of our main protagonist, Sam, a young boy dealing with dark, twisted psychotic desires. It’s also a coming-of-age story. He falls in love with my character’s daughter, and my character tentatively begins a relationship with Sam’s mother as well. As you can imagine, with the horrible dark thing running through the drama, there’s a very complicated domestic, family dynamic as well. It’s a very difficult project to define, it seems to exist between genres. It’s sort of a thriller, sort of a crime drama, but at its heart, it’s a drama about relationships, and the premise of nature versus nurture. I was blown away with it, the filming of it, and the getting into Sam’s headspace. It’s a disquieting, foreboding but deeply compelling watch. They drip-feed you information, and there’s a horrible sense of dread. It’s a very accomplished piece.

And tell us who you play?
I play a guy called Bill, who is somewhat at a low ebb when you first see him in the show. At the beginning of the piece he’s returning to Ripley Heath, where the drama is set. It’s where he grew up, he’s not been there for over a decade. He’s returning with his only daughter. He’s there to reconnect with his mother, but like characters littered throughout the piece, he’s got a really interesting back story. Bill is a widower who has lost his wife to cancer, and you get the sense that there’s a huge void in his life. That’s caused havoc with him, and there’s a sense that he might have suffered with depression. He comes back to look after his mother, who’s broken her hip and is in hospital. He’s lost his job, and he’s sort of making it up as he goes along. Throughout the course of the drama, he meets Romola’s character, and everyone’s wires get crossed.

It’s a pretty dark subject matter, isn’t it? Do you think drama is more interesting when it deals with the dark side of life?
I think so; I think there’s always an appetite for that. Whenever anyone said “What are you doing next, Danny?” and I said “I’m doing a psychological thriller for Channel 4,” they love it. There’s a dark fascination with the macabre sense of things in life. I guess that’s why, when you see a car accident, there’s a tailback and everyone wants to slow down to have a look at it out of the window. I think we embrace the darkness in the piece. It’s a compelling watch, but we’ve certainly not shied away from tough subject matter.

Did you do much in the way of research for the role? Or was it all there on the page?
I’ve played a lot of mixed up characters on the edge in the past, and what was appealing about Bill was that there was a simplicity about him. He’s just a regular guy and a regular dad trying to make the best of things after the death of his wife. Ultimately his journey throughout the piece very much ends up being about saving his daughter, who becomes mixed up with this guy who’s completely off the rails. But it’s also so interesting that his relationship with Jenny is never allowed to materialise. Nevertheless, they have a real, instant connection. They’re two lost, lonely souls. He makes her laugh, and they’re both looking for companionship. I thought that was something really interesting in the drama, how their relationship can never materialise into anything else because of events elsewhere.

Your daughter Chrissy is played by newcomer Lara Peake. How did you enjoy working with her?
I thought she was absolutely top drawer, a really fantastic new talent. Obviously the roles of Chrissy and Sam were key to cast, and I know that [director] Bruce Goodison and Channel 4 searched far and wide to try and find the best two actors to fill those roles. I think they’ve both hit it out the park. They’re both fiercely talented, incredibly committed, and just care deeply about the project. I think you can really see that in their performances. And their relationship and chemistry onscreen is fantastic, but individually they really stand up, and I just think they’ve unearthed two gems, really, two stars of the future.

It must be quite exciting, seeing talent like that coming through.
Oh, it really is. I actually did a radio play recently, and I was talking to some of the guys in it about this series, and about Lara and Jack [Rowan, who plays Sam] and about how refreshing it was to work with a new talent that has no baggage and no preconceived ideas about them. It’s gold, really, because as a viewer, having not seen them in anything else, you can invest totally in their performances. I think they’ve both done an incredible job. Jack’s performance really carries the whole piece. It’s such an unsettling performance. At times I felt sympathy for him, and it feels like a sort of modern day Psycho. He’s a bit like Norman Bates, with a rather off-centre outlook on the world. He plays it absolutely pitch-perfect, as far as I’m concerned.

Had you worked with Romola before?
No, I never had. I’d met her socially a couple of times, and obviously we were both in Atonement, but she was in the middle section of that movie and then she sort of passed the baton over to me in the Second World War section. So I literally passed her in the make-up bus. But I’ve always been an admirer of hers; She’s consistently brilliant in everything she does. And she really didn’t disappoint to work with. She’s got a fierce intelligence, she really fights her corner, and she’ll really stand up for the character she’s playing. She just had a deep consideration for her character, and she just wanted every beat and every nuance of her performance to compliment the whole piece.

The show is, in a large part, about estranged and difficult relationships between parents and their kids. As a parent yourself, did that unnerve you?
Yeah, it’s every parent’s worst nightmare, to lose connection with your children, to not fully engage with them or have an understanding of what crowd of people they’re mixing with, what they are watching online. I think it just cements the importance of trying to look after and raise your kids the best you possibly can, in a nurturing and loving relationship. Obviously Sam is carrying around this incident that happened years before with his dad. And it triggers the whole debate about whether individuals are born evil or whether they’re shaped by their experiences. It’s a very tricky subject to focus in on, and I’m not really sure what the answer is.

Do you think your interest in the dark and difficult aspects of life is what led to you becoming a Leyton Orient fan?
[Laughs] Someone had to. It’s a bit dark and dangerous at the moment at our club!

Read Romola Garai’s interview for Born to Kill.
On working with Daniel Mays:
TV’s nicest man – he’s lovely. He’s someone I’ve genuinely really, really admired for a long time, and it was a real treat for me to work with him.

Full press pack for Born to Kill.

Born To Kill launches on Channel 4 this April.

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