BFI Flare: Against The Law World Premiere 16 March 2017

Updated 27 February 2017:  Tickets for both screenings of Against the Law on 16 March 2107 are currently SOLD OUT.  There is a possibility that tickets will be available on the day of the event.

BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival has today announced their exciting 2017 program line up for their 31st edition!

Against the Law starring Daniel Mays and Mark Gatiss has it’s gala world premiere with two screenings on Thursday 16 March 2017 at 18:15 and 20:45 at BFI.

BFI Member on-sale tickets: depending on membership level begins Monday 20 February through Wednesday 22 February 2017

Public on-sale tickets: Monday 27  February 2017 at 11:30 am

Against the Law is a timely and sensitive biopic based on Peter Wildeblood’s bestseller which tells the story of his affair with a handsome serviceman he met in Piccadilly and the devastating consequences of their relationship. Wildeblood had been a celebrated and well-connected journalist on the Daily Express, with a range of acquaintances that included Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. He is played by Daniel Mays, in a beautifully nuanced performance that charts his journey from Fleet Street via public vilification to his imprisonment under the same legislation that sent Oscar Wilde to Reading Gaol. Mark Gatiss gives a chilling performance as a prison doctor charged with administering therapeutic measures to homosexuals acquiescing to the idea that they can be ‘changed’.

The importance of Peter Wildeblood’s case (jointly brought against him, Lord Montagu and Michael Pitt-Rivers) is that it brought the debate about homosexuality into the public domain. It led the way to the creation of the Wolfenden Committee on sexual law reform that eventually resulted in the passing of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act, which changed the lives of thousands of gay men with its partial decriminalisation of homosexual acts. This film offers a profoundly moving portrait of what it meant to be gay in the 1950s, underlining the importance of understanding our recent history and the immense social and emotional burdens endured by generations of gay men.

More information on the festival and ticketing can be found at the BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival website.

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Daniel Mays To Star In BBC Two’s ‘Against the Law’

Daniel Mays is to star in BBC Two’s Against the Law directed by Fergus O’Brien.

Daniel Mays (Line Of Duty, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Public Enemies) stars in BBC Two’s powerful factual drama as Peter Wildeblood, a thoughtful and private gay journalist whose lover Eddie McNally (played by newcomer to television, Richard Gadd), under pressure from the authorities, turned Queen’s evidence against him in one of the most explosive court cases of the 1950s – the infamous Montagu Trial.

More than ten years before the decriminalisation of homosexual acts in 1967, Peter Wildeblood, and his friends Lord Montagu (Mark Edel-Hunt) and Michael Pitt-Rivers, were found guilty of homosexual offences and jailed.

With his career in tatters and his private life painfully exposed, Wildeblood began his sentence a broken man, but he emerged from Wormwood Scrubs a year later determined to do all he could to change the way these draconian laws against homosexuality impacted on the lives of men like him.

Daniel says: “I’m incredibly proud to be part of a drama that tells such an important real-life story. Peter Wildeblood is a fascinating, complex, yet flawed character from a time when being a gay man in Britain was incredibly difficult – I can’t wait to bring his tale to life for the BBC Two audience.”

Patrick Holland, Channel Editor, BBC Two, said: “50 years ago, it was a crime to be a gay man in the UK. Against The Law is a stunning piece that melds drama and documentary testimony to tell the story of one man, and his wider generation, as they struggled to make society accept their sexuality as non-criminal. It is brilliant to have a film that brings the authorship of Brian Fillis, the vision of director Fergus O’Brien, and the outstanding talent of Daniel Mays and cast to this important subject”

The drama also features Mark Gatiss (Taboo, Sherlock) as Wildeblood’s prison psychiatrist, Doctor Landers and Charlie Creed-Miles (Ripper Street, Peaky Blinders) as Superintendent Jones.

Woven through this powerful drama is real-life testimony from a chorus of men who lived through those dark days, when homosexuals were routinely imprisoned or forced to undergo chemical aversion therapy in an attempt to cure them of their “condition”. There is also testimony from a retired police officer whose job it was to enforce these laws, and a former psychiatric nurse who administered the so-called cures. All of these accounts serve to amplify the themes of the drama and help to immerse us in the reality of a dark chapter in our recent past, a past still within the reach of living memory.

Written by Brian Fillis, Against the Law is directed by Fergus O’Brien, produced by Scott James Bassett and executive produced by Aysha Rafaele, Creative Director of The Documentary Unit, BBC Studios.

Made by BBC Studios, Against the Law will broadcast on BBC Two later in the year.

Against the Law will have its  world premiere at the opening night gala for BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival on Thursday 16 March 2017. Public tickets to the film festival will be available 22 February. 

Updated 9 February 2017 with BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival information.

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Guerrilla – First Look

Sky Atlantic and Showtime have released two exciting first look trailers for Guerrilla:

In addition to the trailers, we have an exclusive first look photo of Rory Kinnear as Pence and Daniel Mays as Cullen:

For additional first look photos from Guerrilla, please visit I Talk Telly from our friend Elliot Gonzalez

Guerrilla premiere dates are set for 13 April 2017 in the UK on Sky Atlantic and 16 April 2017 in the US on Showtime.

From Academy Award® winner John Ridley (12 Years A Slave, American Crime), comes the six-part limited series GUERRILLA, a love story set against the backdrop of one of the most politically explosive times in U.K. history. It tells the story of a couple whose relationship and values are tested when they liberate a political prisoner and form a radical underground cell in 1970s London. Their ultimate target becomes the Black Power Desk, a true-life, secretive counter-intelligence unit within the Special Branch dedicated to crushing all forms of black activism. While the series is set against a background of social and political activism, at its heart GUERRILLA is about a relationship under pressure, and the reality that for any couple there comes a point when the choices they make have real and lasting consequences.

GUERRILLA stars Screen Actors Guild Award-winner Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) and Babou Ceesay (Getting On). Additional cast includes Laurence Olivier Award-winner Rory Kinnear (PENNY DREADFUL, Spectre), Nathaniel Martello-White (Deadmeat), Daniel Mays (Line of Duty), Denise Gough (People, Places & Things), Brandon Scott (Grey’s Anatomy), Zawe Ashton (Fresh Meat) and Nicholas Pinnock (Fortitude), along with Golden Globe® winner Idris Elba (Luther, Beasts of No Nation), who also serves as an executive producer through his Green Door Pictures. Along with Ridley and Elba, the executive producers are Michael J. McDonald for Stearns Castle, Patrick Spence and Katie Swinden for Fifty Fathoms and Tracy Underwood for ABC Signature.

GUERRILLA is a co-production between Fifty Fathoms and ABC Signature, in association with SKY UK.

We will have more updates on Guerrilla soon!

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Daniel Mays joins the cast of Channel 4’s “Born To Kill”

We are happy to announce that  Daniel Mays has joined the cast of Channel 4’s psychological thriller Born to Kill.

Born to Kill is Channel 4’s intense and powerful four-part psychological thriller, the first commission for female writing duo Tracey Malone (Silent Witness) and first time TV writer Kate Ashfield (Shaun of the Dead), from Line of Duty producers World Productions.

Born to Kill, Channel 4’s intense new psychological thriller from Line of Duty producers World Productions has started filming in Cardiff, Wales. Starring Romola Garai (The Hour, Suffragette) and Daniel Mays (Made in Dagenham, Line of Duty, Rogue One: A Star Wars story,) as the single parents of two out-of-control teens, Born to Kill is the first commission for female writing duo Tracey Malone (Rillington Place) and first time TV writer and BIFA-nominated actress Kate Ashfield.

The four-part thriller is a haunting exploration of the mind of Sam, played by newcomer Jack Rowan, a teenager who’s on the verge of acting out hidden psychopathic desires. He lives with his protective mum Jenny (Romola Garai), a geriatric nurse, and thinks his dad died in a car crash…

While working at the local hospital, Jenny meets the charming Bill (Daniel Mays). New to town with his moody teenage daughter Chrissy, played by rising star Lara Peake, Bill’s trying to reconnect with his elderly mother Margaret (Elizabeth Counsell, Song For Marion). Just as Jenny and Bill start to hit it off, their kids meet at school and also form an instant attraction. Sam feels like he’s finally met someone that he can relate to, but does she really share his desire… to kill?

At the same time, Jenny learns that her ex, Sam’s dad, a violent man named Peter (Richard Coyle, The Fall), is nearing his parole date. Jenny must now face telling her son that not only is his father alive, he’s also a convicted murderer.

As this menacing four-part drama unfolds, decades of deceit unravels as Jenny, Sam and Peter’s long buried past comes back to haunt the fractured family. Will Jenny discover, despite her best efforts, that Sam and his dad are more alike than she could have ever imagined?

Simon Maxwell, Head of International Drama at Channel 4 said: “Born to Kill expertly combines the psychological thriller and coming-of-age drama to take us into the terrifying world of its young protagonist and offer us a unique insight into the genesis of one young man’s psychopathy.

It’s a testament to the quality of Kate and Tracey’s scripts that they’ve attracted such a stellar cast, from established stars Romola Garai and Daniel Mays to stars-in-the-making Jack Rowan and Lara Peake. We’re thrilled to be working with World on this brave new show.”

Jake Lushington, Executive Producer for World Productions, said: “Channel 4 is always prepared to test the limits of drama and dig deeper into the psychology of the characters that inhabit them. World Productions is thrilled they have commissioned Born To Kill, a chilling, heart-breaking story that isn’t afraid to put the audience inside the mind of a disturbed and terrifying teenager.”

Born to Kill is executive produced by Jake Lushington (The Devil’s Whore) for World Productions and commissioned for Channel 4 by Head of Drama Beth Willis and Head of International Drama Simon Maxwell. The 4 X 60’ mini-series is currently filming in Wales and is due to air on Channel 4 in 2017.


We will have more updates on this project in the near future.

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BIFA 2016

Daniel Mays attended the 2016 BIFA Film Awards  at Old Billingsgate this evening in London.

Danny presented the 2016 Best Director award to Andrea Arnold for “American Honey”.

A few photos from the evening:


Congratulations to all of the BIFA 2016 nominees and winners!

Daniel Mays was nominated for the 2008 BIFA Best Supporting in Actor for his role of Chris in Shifty.

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Daniel Mays – RADA Big Give Christmas Challenge 2016 Ambassador

Daniel Mays is the 2016 ambassador for RADA’s Big Give Christmas Challenge.

Speaking about the event, Daniel says: “RADA creates opportunities for young people from all walks of life and it’s superbly realised in this incredible project.”

More from Daniel Mays:
I feel incredibly blessed to have been given the opportunity to train  at RADA.

My experience there was an unforgettable one; a creative journey of self-discovery, hard work, honing my talent,  opening up horizons and sharing my life with some of the most inspiring and dedicated teachers and students.

Of course, I was aware of RADA’s history. Its reputation and standing within the industry speaks for itself. It was a journey into the unknown for a working class boy from Essex. I need not have been intimidated. RADA matched my drive and ambition every step of the way. From day one it was always nurturing and totally supportive. A space to succeed, fail and continue to grow. At the end of my training, I felt totally equipped and ready to enter the profession. They gave me a bag of tools to hit the ground running and I haven’t looked back. I shall be forever indebted to everyone there for their invaluable expertise and guidance.

All donations gifted to RADA via The Big Give Christmas Challenge between 29 November – 2 December 2016 will be doubled by pledges made from a few generous individuals as well as the Childhood Trust and will help RADA create opportunities for young people.

The money raised for RADA from The Big Give Christmas Challenge will support activities such as free workshops and performances for eligible schools in the UK, inclusive workshops for young people with physical and sensory disabilities and programmes to open up technical theatre training for young people.

Find out more information here.

Help RADA by donating here from 12:00pm Tuesday 29 November when the challenge begins and runs until 2 December 2016. All contributions, whatever the size, are greatly appreciated and will help RADA achieve their goal.

In cooperation with and kind thanks & appreciation to RADA.
We thank you for your continued support of Daniel Mays and RADA.

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BFI Preview: Guerrilla – 9 April 2017

Exclusive preview of Guerrilla on Sunday 9 April, 2017 at 20:00

From the BFI:
Exclusive preview of the much anticipated thriller, Guerrilla, a Sky Original Production coming to Sky Atlantic in April 2017. It is created by Oscar Winner John Ridley (American Crime, 12 Years a Slave) and stars Freida Pinto, Babou Ceesay and Idris Elba (who is also the executive producer). The political becomes personal when a group of Black Power activists in 1970s London go head to head with a racist police force dedicated to crushing them. Screening will be followed by a panel discussion with Freida Pinto and Babou Ceesay (others to be announced).

Daniel Mays stars as Cullen a member of the Special Branch Black Power Desk.

Book tickets  5 December 2016 at 11:30 AM.
This BFI Preview is a  part of the BFI & Radio Times Television Festival.

Guerrilla is coming to Sky Atlantic in April 2017 and TBA on Showtime in the USA. 

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Exciting news! We are very happy to announce that Daniel Mays has a role in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” film as Tivik.

Entertainment Weekly has released exclusive new images from the upcoming film including one of Danny’s character Tivik:

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) Tivik (L) and Diego Luna

Image Credit: Giles Keyte

Diego Luna, right, plays Captain Cassian Andor, a veteran spy for the Rebellion who has a network of contacts throughout the galaxy who help him keep eyes and ears on the activities of the Empire. Andor is like a CIA field agent, and this man, Tivik, played by Daniel Mays (The Infiltrator, Atonement) is one of his underworld connections to the insurgent group led by Saw Gerrera (Forest Whitaker). “He is one of Cassian’s contacts on the moon of Jedha,” says co-producer John Swartz.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is released in the UK on 15 December and in the USA on 16 December.

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It’s a wrap on Guerrilla! 

Filming for Guerrilla has wrapped. Congratulations to the cast and crew!

Guerrilla is a love story set against the backdrop of one of the most politically explosive times in UK history. It tells the story of Jas and Marcus, whose relationship and values are tested when they form a radical underground cell in 1970s London. Their ultimate target becomes the Black Power Desk, a true-life, secretive counter-intelligence unit within Special Branch dedicated to crushing all forms of black activism.

Daniel Mays stars as Cullen one of the Special Branch officers.  Other cast includes Rory Kinnear, Idris Elba, Freida Pinto, Denise Gough, and Babou Ceesay.

‘Guerrilla’ is a co production between Sky Atlantic and Showtime (US).

We will have more updates on this stellar production in the near future. Stay tuned!

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The Royal Court – The Bash – 2 November 2016

We are happy to announce that Daniel Mays will be participating in The Bash at The Royal Court Theatre!  This Gala night of celebration is to support the next sixty years of radical new writing at this wonderful theatre.

2 Nov
Downstairs at The Jerwood Theatre

The Bash at The Royal Court Theatre

Join us for a Gala night of celebration to support the next 60 years of radical new writing with a once in a lifetime performance of iconic Royal Court plays, revived by some of our most famous alumni including:

Andrew Scott, Kenneth Cranham, Lesley Manville, Stephen Rea, Maxine Peake, Meera Syal, Lesley Sharp, Zawe Ashton, Wunmi Mosaku, Kate O’Flynn, Deborah Findlay, Kika Markham, Harry Hadden-Paton, Joanne Whalley, Daniel Mays, Jessica Hynes, Nikki Amuka-Bird and Aimee Ffion-Edwards.

Book Tickets: from £100 – £2000

There is also an amazing online auction taking place so please be sure to take a look at these exclusive “money can’t buy” experiences all to support the future of The Royal Court Theatre.

Daniel Mays’s theatre performances for The Royal Court include: Hero, Scarborough, Motortown, The Winterling, Ladybird, Just a Bloke, and The One with the Oven.
Check out Daniel Mays’s interview about his time at The Royal Court.

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