Production About Year
The Caretaker (Old Vic Theatre) Disturbed handyman Aston has invited an irascible tramp to stay with him at his brother’s jumbled London flat. At first it seems that the manipulative guest will take advantage of his vulnerable host. But when Aston’s brother Mick arrives, an enigmatic power struggle emerges between the three men that is in equal parts menacing, touching and darkly comic.. 2016
The Red Lion (National Theatre) Small-time semi-pro football, the non-league. A world away from the wealth and the television cameras. A young player touched with brilliance arrives from nowhere. An ambitious manager determines to make him his own. And the old soul of the club still has dreams of glory. 2015
Mojo (Harold Pinter Theatre) Set against the fledgling rock ‘n’ roll scene of 50s Soho, this savagely funny play delves into the sleazy underworld and power games of London’s most infamous district. 2013
The Same Deep Water As Me (Donmar Warehouse) Had an accident at work? Tripped on a paving slab? Cut yourself shaving? You could be entitled to compensation. Andrew and Barry at Scorpion Claims, Luton’s finest personal injury lawyers, are the men for you. When Kevin, Andrew’s high school nemesis, appears in his office the opportunity for a quick win arises. But just how fast does a lie have to spin before it gets out of control? 2013
Trelawny of the Wells (Donmar Warehouse) Rose Trelawny is the brightest star in the firmament of the Wells, the theatre company that raised her from birth. But she’s prepared to give it all up for the love of her stage door suitor, aristocratic Arthur. His family are less convinced of her charms, however, and her joyful challenge to their dreary, snobby existence shocks them to their core. 2013
Hero (Royal Court) Danny’s gay, a primary school teacher, and he’s not afraid of anything. His colleague Jamie’s straight, and thinks he should be. 2012
Moonlight (Donmar Warehouse) Andy lies dying in his bed. As his wife, Bel, tries desperately to bring his estranged sons to his side his thoughts turn to his youth, loves, lust and fears, whilst the haunting presence of the things they have all lost swirl in the dark lonely spaces of this suburban household. A tragic comedy of family dysfunction, Moonlight is one of Harold Pinter’s most human and poignant plays suffused with universal emotions: the cold dread of death; the pain of separation from loved ones; the longing for reunion; and the continuity of the family. 2011
Scarborough (Royal Court) Step into a faded hotel room where Lauren and Daz are having an illicit weekend away. Amongst the peeling wallpaper, they laugh, quarrel and make love, but they don’t dare go out. After all, at just 15 years old, one of them is just a child… the other their teacher. A dangerously charged romance is played out amidst bittersweet love songs in this award-winning new play. Scarborough was the show to see at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2007, winning a Fringe First Award. It is staged now as a new production in two parts. 2008
Motortown (Royal Court) Danny returns from Basra to a foreign England and a different kind of battle. He visits an old flame, buys a gun and goes on a blistering road trip through the new home front. Written during the London bombings of 2005, Motortown is a fierce, violent and controversial response to the anti-war movement – and to the war itself. Chaotic and complex, powerful and provocative, Simon Stephen’s play portrays a volatile and morally insecure world. 2006
The Winterling (Royal Court) West waits in a burnt-out farmhouse, on Dartmoor, in the depths of winter, for two associates from the city. The wine has been poured and the revolver loaded. But who is waiting upstairs? 2006
Ladybird (Royal Court) Dima is 19. Tomorrow he’ll join the army and go to fight in Chechnya. Tonight he’s trying to have a party in the flat he shares with his drunken Dad. Lera is 20 and lives in the same block. She reckons she’s won a fortune if she can just scrape together 1000 roubles to buy something from Euroshop in Moscow. Outside the snow starts to fall over the abandoned cemetery. 2004
M.A.D (Bush Theatre) At the height of the cold war M.A.D. stood for Mutually Assured Destruction. For 11-year-old John it meant Mum and Dad ‘M.A.D.’ is a poignant and compelling family drama following the lives of a struggling market trader, his frustrated wife and their young boy John, as their whole world appears to be coming to an end. Set in 1984, in the aftermath of the post apocolyptic TV drama ‘Threads’, and then nearly twenty years later, ‘M.A.D.’ tenderly explores the gap between the lifestyles and aspirations of parents and son. Out of a world full of cold war paranoia, an emotional fall-out haunts this ordinary family, threatening to rip apart the love that once drew them together. 2004
One With The Oven (Royal Court) No details available. 2002
Just A Bloke (Royal Court) No details available. 2002

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