Line of Duty – Series 3 on BBC One

Line of Duty moves to its new home on BBC One soon! Ahead of the much-anticipated series 4 premiere, BBC One will be showing the critically acclaimed series 3 which stars Daniel Mays.

Daniel Mays stars as Sergeant Danny Waldron, the highly proficient leader of an Armed Response Unit whose unpredictable behaviour is becoming a threat to colleagues and suspects. When AC-12 are called in to investigate Danny’s conduct, even they could find themselves in the firing line. Mays joins returning cast Martin Compston as Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott, Vicky McClure as Detective Constable Kate Fleming and Adrian Dunbar as Superintendent Ted Hastings.

Tune in to BBC ONE:
Episode 1: 11 March at 00:05
Episode 2: 11 March at 01:05
Episode 3: 13 March at 00:15
Episode 4: 13 March at 01:15
Episode 5: 14 March at 01:00
Episode 6: 15 March at 00:45

All series 3 episodes will be available again on iPlayer but only for a week.  Binge watching will be necessary!

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Football Focus -BBC One – 6 February

Daniel Mays and Blake Harrison will be guests on this Saturday’s edition of Football Focus.  Tune in Saturday 6 February at 12:10PM.

Ahead of Saturday, see what Danny and Blake think this weekend’s Premier League matches will bring as they go up against Mark Lawrenson in this week’s Premier League predictions: Lawro v Dad’s Army stars.

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Common Tonight on BBC One 9PM

Don’t miss Common this evening at 9PM on BBC One. This powerful drama explores the effect of Joint Enterprise on families and communities.

Multi-award-winning writer Jimmy McGovern’s brand new film based on the UK’s controversial joint enterprise law.

17-year-old Johnjo gives his cousin Tony and his mates Colin and Kieran a last-minute lift in his brother Patrick’s car. They tell him they’re going for pizza; Johnjo doesn’t know that they’re going to ‘have a word’ with a local loudmouth who needs putting in his place. As Johnjo waits in the car, Kieran takes offence with an innocent bystander, Thomas Ward, who is fatally stabbed.

The murder victim is the eldest child of Margaret and Tommy Ward, who has become estranged from his family after a bitter divorce. Struggling to make ends meet on her own, Margaret is nevertheless determined to fight through bureaucracy and the cool indifference of the banks to give Thomas the send-off he deserves.

Johnjo makes his own way to the police station and asks for DI Hastings. A career copper used to doing battle with ‘no comment’, Hastings can’t believe his luck as Johnjo lays the blame squarely with Kieran. But Hastings wants everyone possible to be tried for murder, and with the joint enterprise doctrine at his disposal, that includes Johnjo.