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1917 – UK Premiere

The world premiere for the film 1917 was held in London last evening. Daniel Mays, who portrays Sgt, Sanders in the film,  was in attendance along with many of the film’s incredibly talented cast. This was the World Premiere and Royal Film Performance, in support of the Film and TV Charity

Sam Mendes, the Oscar®-winning director of Skyfall, Spectre and American Beauty, brings his singular vision to his World War I epic, 1917.

At the height of the First World War, two young British soldiers, Schofield (Captain Fantastic’s George MacKay) and Blake (Game of Thrones’ Dean-Charles Chapman) are given a seemingly impossible mission. In a race against time, they must cross enemy territory and deliver a message that will stop a deadly attack on hundreds of soldiers—Blake’s own brother among them.

1917 is directed by Sam Mendes, who wrote the screenplay with Krysty Wilson-Cairns (Showtime’s Penny Dreadful). The film is produced by Mendes and Pippa Harris (co-executive producer, Revolutionary Road; executive producer, Away We Go) for their Neal Street Productions, Jayne-Ann Tenggren (co-producer, The Rhythm Section; associate producer, Spectre), Callum McDougall (executive producer, Mary Poppins Returns, Skyfall) and Brian Oliver (executive producer, Rocketman; Black Swan).

The film is produced by Neal Street Productions for DreamWorks Pictures in association with New Republic Pictures. Universal Pictures will release the film in the US in limited release on December 25, 2019 and wide on January 10, 2020. Universal and Amblin Partners will distribute the film internationally, with eOne distributing on behalf of Amblin in the U.K.

You can watch the premiere red carpet event livestream  – look for Danny’s interviews around the 11 minute and 41:30 minute marks.

A few photos from the evening:

It was truly an exciting evening for the cast, crew, and creatives. We wish them all the best as the film hits worldwide beginning Christmas Day in the US and then 10 January 2020 in the UK.

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Code 404 – First Look

Sky has released the first image for Code 404 starring Daniel Mays and Stephen Graham:

Code 404 PR

Stephen Graham and Daniel Mays are set to star in Code 404, a new Sky original production, for Sky One, set in the in the Special Investigation Unit at the London Met.

The 6×30” police comedy series, co-produced by Water & Power Productions and Kudos, part of the Endemol Shine Group, is set in the near future and will revolve around two Detective Inspectors, DI John Major (Daniel Mays) and DI Roy Carver (Stephen Graham), who are the top crime fighting duo in the Unit. But when an undercover sting goes horribly wrong, Major is gunned down on the job and killed.

How will the SIU function without Major? It doesn’t have to. As an ‘asset’ considered too valuable to lose, Major’s body is fast-tracked into an experimental Artifical Intelligence project to bring him back from the dead. The only problem is, Major 2.0 may look like and sound like the original, but something has been lost in translation – quite a lot actually. His arrogant demeanour and gung-ho approach remain but his crimefighting instincts have completely deserted him. Somehow, Major’s error-strewn hunches and Carver’s scrambling to make good allows them to just about scrape by. But while the experiment might be hailed as a success, on the front line Roy Carver is left dealing with an increasingly deluded partner.

Jon Mountague, Head of Comedy, Sky Entertainment, said: “What a coup, Stephen Graham and Daniel Mays are the dream team – the perfect Carver and Major. Danny Peak’s scripts are endlessly hilarious and very, very arresting. Can’t wait.”

Tom Miller from Water & Power Productions, said: “Danny and Stephen are an electric double-act, and with Daniel Peak’s brilliant scripts we can’t wait to bring this to life for Sky One.”

Phil Temple from Kudos, said: “We couldn’t be more delighted to have such outstanding actors bringing heart and passion to these joyful scripts – this really is going to be great!”

Code 404 will be directed by Al Campbell and written by Daniel Peak. Executive producers include Tom Miller and Sam Myer for Water & Power Productions, Phil Temple and Diederick Santer for Kudos and Morwenna Gordon for Sky. The series was commissioned by Jon Mountague, Sky’s Head of Comedy and Zai Bennett, Director of Programming for Sky Entertainment UK & Ireland.

Code 404 will air on Sky One and streaming service NOW TV sometime in 2020 and will be internationally distributed by Sky Vision.

Check back for more information soon!

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Des – ITV

The Sun has the big news that Daniel Mays is set to star with David Tennant and Jason Watkins in ITV’s new drama “Des”.

Danny will portray Detective Chief Inspector Peter Jay the police officer who investigated the Muswell Hill crime scene. David Tennant will portray Dennis Nilsen, a former soldier and policeman, murdered at least a dozen boys and young men in his North ­London homes between 1978 and 1983. Jason Watkins will portray Brian Masters who wrote the biography on Nilsen.

ITV Press Release:

ITV’s head of drama, Polly Hill, said: “This starts with ­Nilsen’s arrest and is looking at him through the eyes of the police officer trying to identify those he killed and deliver ­justice. David Tennant is going to be brilliant as Nilsen and, with Daniel and Jason, this has an incredible cast.”

Written by Luke Neal, the three-part drama is based on material from Brian’s book Killing For Company, which features conversations with the twisted loner, known as “Des”.

Filming begins very soon with an expected transmission date sometime in 2020.

Radio Times



Check back for updates on this exciting new project!

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2019 Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance

Daniel Mays took part in the 2019 Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance held at Royal Albert Hall on Saturday, 9 November.

2019 Program:

2019 marks 75 years since 1944, a pivotal year in the Allied fight for freedom in the Second World War. There will be unique tributes to mark the 75th anniversary of the battles of Monte Cassino, Kohima, Imphal and D-Day culminating in a parade of some of the last surviving veterans who fought and served in 1944. 

Throughout the event we’ll remember the bond of friendship and collaboration that exists between Britain, the Commonwealth and her allies. As the petals fall in the Royal Albert Hall, the festival will pay tribute to all victims of war and remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

We encourage to watch this superb program in its entirety:
BBC iPlayer

Please consider donating to the Royal British Legion and supporting their great work in supporting the Armed Services Community.

Lest We Forget



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Temple Series 2

Fantastic news today that Sky has commissioned a second series of Temple. Daniel Mays will return to his character Lee along with Mark Strong and Carice van Houten.

Cameron Roach Sky’s Director of Drama & Sky Studios said: “Temple’s unique tone and compulsive narrative has ensured that it has become a firm favourite with our viewers, and the show already has an army of passionate fans We’re incredibly excited to announce a second season, and to see the next chapter of the thriller evolve. We are delighted that our customers will be able to revel in the world, and performances of the exceptional cast, led so brilliantly by Mark Strong, Danny Mays and Carice van Houten.”

Liza Marshall, Executive Producer, Hera Pictures said: “Series two will be bolder than ever as Daniel is pushed to even greater extremes as he risks everything to stay ahead of his lies and keep a grip on his underground world. Our fantastic cast led by Mark Strong will take the story forward with its unique blend of pressure-cooker intensity, emotion and jet-black humour. Hera Pictures are delighted to bring Temple back for a second series.”

Temple series two is commissioned by Zai Bennett, Sky’s Managing Director of Content and Cameron Roach, Sky’s Director of Drama with Gabriel Silver as the executive producer for Sky. The series is produced by Hera Pictures with executive producers Liza Marshall and Mark Strong.

Deadline also has the good news.

Filming is planned to commence in early 2020 and additional cast will be announced in due course.

Congratulations to the cast and crew! We are so pleased that this fantastic series continues. After that cliff hanger ending we NEED to know what happens next!

We have all the news and updates on this exciting second series.

Temple- Reviews

The Temple reviews are in! Episode one aired Friday evening to rave reviews from viewers and critics. We cannot wait to see where this story is headed…

The Telegraph: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Daniel Mays was good as a comic foil”

iNews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Blackly comic, gloriously Gothic and potentially very addictive”

The Arts Desk: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ “There’s excellent support…Daniel Mays enjoys himself to an indecent degree…”

The Sunday Times: “Temple is a clever little piece of programming”

The Guardian: “Hugely rewarding”

Episode two airs Friday, 20 September at 9PM on Sky One.

All episodes are available to watch on Sky via the SkyGo app and also on NowTV.

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Temple starring Daniel Mays, Mark Strong, and Carice van Houten premieres tonight at 9PM on Sky One! All episodes will be available online via NowTV shortly after episode one airs. The remaining episodes (eight in total) will follow weekly on Friday evenings at 9PM on Sky One and be available on catch-up.

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Temple Interview- Daniel Mays


Daniel Mays talks Temple:

How would you describe Temple tonally?

It reminds me of the Cohen brothers, Three Billboards, that sort of thing – it has that temperature to it. It’s slightly off-centre and has a quirkiness because Mark O’Rowe, the writer, has that dark humour that runs through it. I try and tell people it’s about an operating theatre underneath Temple tube station and they go, ‘Um, what do you mean?’. There are elements of it that are a thriller, but you can’t categorise it – there is a thriller aspect, there is a love story at the heart of it with Daniel and his wife. It is not apocalyptic or anything like that. It is a normal contemporary world. It’s a high concept show, though.

Can you describe Lee?

Lee is into ‘prepping’ because he works for an underground network, and his job gives him access to all of this underground space. He would much rather exist underground anyway, and so this is like his dream world, that he can set up this huge bunker underneath Temple tube station and be self-sufficient and grow his own food, stockpile all the materials and supplies he needs. He is a completely bonkers character in many ways, but I have loved playing him. He is insular but quirky and funny at the same time. It’s hilarious to do.

What exactly is prepping?

I didn’t know anything about prepping – I did some research. Lee is adamant he is a prepper, not a survivalist; apparently, they are very different things. It’s that feeling of thinking the world is going to end at any given moment and you should be prepared for that. It’s very nihilist, and he comes out with all this stuff about chaos theory and all this waffle.

Is he quite comedic?

Yes, in terms of the humour we have played it completely straight: it’s the circumstances, and situations he finds himself in that are funny. He meets this girl, Céline, who is an old school friend he falls head over heels in love with, but they’ve only gone on one date. He is temperamental at the same time and can fly off the handle and be quite pedantic about everything. He tends to make the wrong decisions.

How do Lee and Daniel end up working together?

Lee comes to him initially in the canteen of the hospital as he’s got a friend who needs a hernia operation but doesn’t want to go through conventional channels for whatever reason. Lee approaches Daniel and says, ‘Look I have a private space, I have access to equipment, can you help,’ but Daniel shuts it down. He advises him not to get involved in shady dealings like that, and then the story unfolds, Daniel needs a private space away from prying eyes. The first person who pops into his head is Lee, and that is where their working relationship kicks off.

What’s the relationship like between Daniel and Lee?

It is a great central partnership because they’re like an odd couple, and in any other walk of life, they wouldn’t be connected in any way. It just so happens that Daniel is a surgeon, and he treated Lee at the beginning of the story. They like one another because Lee comes out with all this chaos theory, and Daniel can respond to that. In any other walk of life, they wouldn’t be friends because they are different characters, different personalities, different class – everything. Yet in the bunker they are co-dependent, and Daniel needs the bunker for reasons you’ll see, and to make money, whereas Lee is on the dark web, he is a blogger, and that is where the criminality aspect comes into it.

Do we learn why he is the way he is?

The story is so well written, and obviously, Mark O’Rowe is a playwright, and you can really see that when you’re working on the scripts. Initially, Lee is in the hospital because he has tried to kill himself, so he is prone to depression and has driven himself into a wall, hence why he has this small scar on his face, he has gone through the windscreen, and that is hinted at. It will pose lots of moral questions for the audience, won’t it? Yes, that is what is great about the writing as well; in terms of your moral compass, it is about how far can you push it. It becomes quite macabre and dark, and there is a gruesome element to it as well. It’s not a medical drama at all, but there are elements of that. There is an emergency spleen operation in the first episode, and Lee is entirely out of his depth helping.

How are you with the prosthetics and fake blood?

I am okay with all of that; the people they got in to do all of that are top drawer. In his surgery scene, Tobi had half a body because his legs were hidden under the table, which was so weird to look at. The audience will love those scenes and key to the whole show is this sort of mismatch of people that live in this bunker – it is its own character the bunker, and so we want the audience to really like these characters. They are morally questionable, and that gets worse as it goes on, but if you’re with them, then you’re going to go on that journey.

Did you enjoy working with Mark?

He’s a tremendous actor and the loveliest bloke you’ll ever meet. It is great when you work with people you greatly admire, and you look at them, observe them and see how they work. It’s not rocket science to see why he has got where he has because he is 1) brilliant 2) professional and 3) a nice guy.

Your careers are not dissimilar, are they?

He works in America more than me, that is the box I need to tick, but he is brilliant in this part. He is so minimal when he acts, and that is a great difference between the two characters. I am quite manic.

How have you got on personally?

Brilliantly and with his wife Liza as well who is our exec producer. They have two sons, and they’re roughly the same age as my boy, Mylo. Halfway through shooting, I went to Lapland for Christmas. I was at Gatwick phoning the cab company on the way back when my wife Lou was like, ‘Look, there’s Mark.’ They were coming back from Madrid at the same time, so the kids all met each other at Gatwick Airport! What are the odds of that?

Tell me about Jamie, how does he fit into the picture?

It is hinted that Lee’s parents were foster parents who took in impoverished children. I speak about Jamie’s mum being a drug addict, as that is where they’ve had history. But Jamie’s gone down the wrong path and gets involved with this wrong crowd and in this bank robbery. That’s another interesting subplot, him and Michelle having a baby because he has to go into hiding in the bunker. As the series develops, both his girlfriend and the police are hunting him down.

Do you do many stunts in this?

Oh my gosh, I had to do one stunt which was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. There is a moment with Cormac, this mad Irish patient that we bring down and tie to the bed. I let him go, he grabs me, and I must move away from him, but there is this huge sewage pipe hanging from the roof. I knock myself out. It was a nightmare to do because it was a real pipe and they strap a load of padding onto it, but because I was going backward into it, I was going into it completely blind. I also have a punch where I put my hand through glass, and in another scene, I’m tortured by Craig Parkinson, who’s my former flatmate. We used to live in Crouch End together. That was an exhausting day. We didn’t hold back; we went for it! I have complete trust in Craig, and we knew how far we could push it. There was a stunt coordinator there, but you can’t fake it. You have to throw yourself into it, within reason. I have such admiration for all stuntmen when they put their neck on the line. It can be quite dangerous.

What do you think of the bunker set?

They utilised the space brilliantly. This set is one of the best sets I’ve been on. Not only its scale, because the actual room in there is as big as the Bond stage, it is massive, but the actual build. Our designer has done an amazing job; it’s an amazing thing to act in because the centre of it is like a stage, it is quite theatrical, so that is great. The location stuff has been great too. We’ve been to Paddington overground station, and Aldwych underground station too. It is so dusty down there but very atmospheric. I think it will be a very atmospheric show. They have the budget and the gadgets to realise the scripts and bring it to life.

If you ended up in an underground bunker, would you survive?

No, I would be absolutely useless! I can only just make beans on toast. I don’t know how well I would get on. I’d need my wife with me to sort me out. Bloody hell, I’m coming across like Harry Redknapp!

Who and what would you take down there with you?

I’d need a record player. I am getting into vinyl just lately. Where would we be without music? And old photographs. And alcohol! The older I am getting, the more solitude I like. But I would take my family, that’s a given.

Temple airs Fridays at 9PM on Sky One beginning 13 September.

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BGC Charity Day

Daniel Mays took part in the BGC Charity Day at Sunrise Brokers in London. Danny was representing the wonderful charity Haven House Children’s Hospice.

Every year, Cantor Fitzgerald and their affiliates, BGC Partners and GFI Group, in conjunction with the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, commemorate their 658 friends and colleagues and 61 Eurobrokers employees who perished on September 11, 2001 by distributing 100% of their global revenues on Charity Day to the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund and dozens of charities around the world. Since its inception, Charity Day has raised approximately $159 million globally. Each anniversary is a poignant occasion for the company. Charity Day is their way of turning a tragic day into one that is positive and uplifting by helping others.

Scroll through the below images of Danny from the 2019 BGC Charity Day at Sunrise Brokers in London:

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

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