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Daniel Mays – The impact of COVID on Big Issue vendors inspired me to help

Daniel Mays talks to The Big Issue this week on why it was important to him to become a Brand Ambassador. Danny is urging the public to support vulnerable vendors who can no longer sell the magazine during lockdown.

Danny says “The Big Issue stands for supporting some of the most vulnerable people in the country. And when you place that vital work in the context of the second national lockdown, it is compounded tenfold, isn’t it?”

Danny also saysI feel so blessed and lucky to be given the opportunity to flip all that on its head and talk about some of the most vulnerable people in our society, as opposed to just talking about myself! It feels like a golden opportunity, with the platform that I’ve got to use that to really good effect.”

Big Issue vendors need your help now more than ever. More than 1,000 vendors are out of work because of the second lockdown in England. They can’t sell the magazine and they can’t rely on the income they need.

Please buy this week’s magazine from the online shop or take out a subscription to make sure that the Big Issue can continue to support our vendors over this difficult period. You can even link your subscription to your local vendor with The Big Issue new online map.

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Read More about Daniel Mays band his Big Issue Brand Ambassadorship.

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Daniel Mays announced today that he is part of the #MomentsofJoy social media campaign in collaboration with Mojo Dementia Support:

From the Mojo Dementia Support website: At this time, especially during lockdown, older members of the family are often most isolated. This is made even harder if you’re supporting a loved one with dementia.

The Moments of Joy movement is all about sending an expression of love to family and friends who you can’t be with during lockdown, especially those forced to shield through age or illness.

We hope that you will join in and express your #momentsofjoy on your social media accounts.

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Big Issue Ambassador

Daniel Mays announced today that he is an ambassador for The Big Issue.

On becoming an Ambassador, Danny said: “I’m incredibly humbled to be asked to become an Ambassador for The Big Issue and help raise awareness for the incredible work the organisation does for homeless and vulnerable people in the UK. I’ve long been a huge admirer of the whole concept of supporting and championing people to run their own small business, but also the work the whole team at The Big Issue do behind the scenes, helping people with the fundamental issues that have brought them there in the first place.”

Danny also had an interview with BBC London News this evening (available for 24 hours from broadcast) where he discussed this vitally important

The wonderful Big Issue Brand Ambassadors are helping the Big Issues to get the word out about the vital work we do and the stories of Big Issue vendors.

This has never been more important as The Big Issue endures the toughest time in their 29-year history. The Covid-19 lockdown in England means 1,000 vendors are currently off the streets and unable to sell the magazine while vendors in Wales and Scotland have seen their sales go down, as previously busy high streets have all but emptied out.

The Big Issue Ambassadors are therefore calling on the public to urgently support their cause and their vendors at a time of crisis by subscribing, buying a gift subscription from your local vendor or donating to their urgent Christmas Appeal.

Thank you so much for your continued support of these important issues that are close to Danny’s heart.

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Jonathan Ross Show – 24th October

Daniel Mays is scheduled to be a guest on the Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday 24 October. Tune in 10PM-11:05PM on ITV.

The episode will be available afterward on ITV Hub and also repeated on Monday 26 October at 10PM on Virgin Media Two.

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Des Episodes – ITV

The superb Des premiered on ITV Monday 14 September to rave reviews.

Catch up with the episodes as they air on ITV or later on via ITV Hub (all episodes available via ITV hub as of Wednesday 16 September):

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

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Des – Premieres Tonight on ITV – 9PM

Des premieres this evening at 9PM on ITV. This gripping television event starring Daniel Mays, David Tennant, and Jason Watkins airs over 3 evenings this week – Monday to Wednesday. It is NOT to be missed.

Series overview

Des is a true-crime drama focusing on one of the most infamous criminal cases in UK history, Dennis Nilsen. Known as the ‘kindly killer’, Nilsen (David Tennant) was a local civil servant who spent five years murdering boys and young men he met on the streets of Soho from 1978 to 1983. He would meet and befriend these men before offering them food or lodgings for the evening back at his North London flat. His victims were often homeless or living off grid, having slipped through the cracks of 1980s society and were therefore welcoming of this stranger’s apparent generosity. When he was finally caught on 9 February 1983, Nilsen had murdered a total of fifteen men over a period of five years, making him Britain’s most prolific serial killer of the time. 

The story is told through the prism of three isolated men – a detective, a biographer, and Nilsen himself. While Detective Peter Jay (Daniel Mays) and the police investigation’s attempt to get justice for as many victims as possible provides the narrative and emotional spine, the relationship between Nilsen and his biographer Brian Masters (Jason Watkins) allows us to delve into the mind of one of the most emotionally elusive serial killers the world has ever seen. Can we ever really understand the mind of a psychopathic killer? And, if we try, what price do we pay?
Des is written by Luke Neal and developed by Luke Neal and Lewis Arnold based on material from the book Killing for Company by Brian Masters. The series is Directed by Lewis Arnold, Produced by David Meanti and Executive Produced by Willow Grylls, Kim Varvell, Charlie Pattinson and Elaine Pyke for New Pictures, Polly Hill for ITV and Lewis Arnold, Luke Neal and David Tennant.

Episodes will be available on ITV Hub after they air.

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Des – Reviews

Des airs Monday 14 September to Wednesday 16 September at 9PM on ITV.


The Times: ★★★★★ Daniel Mays’s performance as DCI Peter Jay was strong and heavy in its haunted weariness

The Telegraph: ★★★★★

Guardian: ★★★★

Independent – ★★★★★

Metro: ★★★★★

The Killing Times: ★★★★★

Radio Times

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Code 404 – Streaming on Peacock on 8th October

We finally have the US premiere date for Code 404 on Peacock’s streaming service – 8th October 2020! (This was changed from 1st October)

Code 404 revolves around two Detective Inspectors, DI John Major (Daniel Mays) and DI Roy Carver (Stephen Graham), who are the top crime fighting duo in the Unit. But when an undercover sting goes horribly wrong, Major is gunned down on the job and killed. How will the SIU function without Major? It doesn’t have to. As an ‘asset’ considered too valuable to lose, Major’s body is fast-tracked into an experimental Artificial Intelligence project to bring him back from the dead. The only problem is, Major 2.0 may look like and sound like the original, but something has been lost in translation – quite a lot actually. Somehow, Major’s error-strewn hunches and Carver’s scrambling to make good allows them to just about scrape by.

We cannot wait for the US audience to be able to watch this hilarious comedy on Peacock!

Code 404 is currently filming series 2 for Sky and will follow on Peacock later in 2021 (exact date TBA).

With Peacock, from NBCUniversal, you can stream current hits, hundreds of timeless movies, and thousands of episodes of your favorite TV shows. Plus… timely news, live sports, and pop culture, updated daily.

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Daniel Mays For Leonard Jay

Daniel Mays helped Leonard Jay celebrate reopening their flagship shop in Newgate.

Check out the amazing photos of Danny looking very dapper on the leonardjay1962 instagram account. We’d love it if you would also give them a follow!

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