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Neighbours of Zero – BBC Radio 4 – Friday 17 Nov

Tune in to BBC Radio 4 Friday 17 November at 3:45PM to listen to Daniel Mays read Neighbours of Zero by Peter Bradshaw.

In Neighbours of Zero by Peter Bradshaw, the perils of the betting shop are comically revealed:

“Now here’s the thing: I lose as well.. Just a bit.. Let me explain..” – and so the narrator does, which involves a neat new system, a betting shop heist, and moral retribution of sorts..

Reader Daniel Mays

Producer Duncan Minshull.

Neighbours of Zero is part of BBC Radio 4’s Short Works Series.

If you miss it, it airs again at 00:30 on 19 November and will be available via iPlayer for 30 days.

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BBC Music Day – Thursday 15 June

Daniel Mays is taking part in BBC Music Day on BBC Radio 3 this Thursday 15 June. This year’s theme is The Power of Music.

Six short monologues have been co-commissioned by BBC Radio 3 and BBC Writersroom to mark BBC Music Day 2017. Each based on this year’s BBC Music Day theme The Power of Music, the specially-commissioned works will be broadcast throughout the day on Radio 3 on 15 June. You can listen to the monologues here. 

The monologues’ topics range from an unbeaten boxer being confronted with Brahms’s Lullaby during his last fight, to a broken man coaxed back to life by hearing Bach’s St Matthew Passion over a tube station tanoy and an orchestral clarinettist breaking rank for an unexpected solo.

Kilburn Passion

Daniel Mays stars as a man, beaten and broken. Tam is coaxed back to life by his own memories when he hears Bach’s St Matthew Passion playing over the tannoy in Kilburn underground station. This complex piece is written by Amy Ng. The monologue will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3 at 4:50PM  Listen here.

This project, a collaboration between Radio 3 and BBC Writersroom – the BBC’s scripted content department for developing and supporting writers – gives six emerging writers their first commissions from the BBC. Salim Allybokus, Jan Carson, Ross Dunmore, Emily De Dakis, Grace Knight and Amy Ng were each tasked with creating a five minute monologue. The works will be performed by Liam Neeson, Kayvan Novak, Tamsin Greig, Julie Hesmondhalgh, Sophie Wu and Daniel Mays.

Listen to BBC Radio 3 throughout the day on Thursday 15 June to hear these powerful monologues. You can also listen to all six monologues here.

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BBC Radio 4 – Hard Stop

BBC Radio 4 has released the synopsis for the radio play Hard Stop a new radio play by Peter Bleksley starring Daniel Mays.

Hard Stop


Courtesy of BBC Press

Daniel Mays stars as PC Sam Jenkins, an armed officer sent to intercept a known criminal whom Police Intelligence has reported is on his way to shoot an arch rival.

The interception involves a highly risky operation known as a Hard Stop involving four police cars boxing in a speeding vehicle forcing it to stop before apprehending or neutralizing its occupants.

Having forced two young men off the road Jenkins imagines he sees the passenger reach for a gun and shoots him four times with his rifle. Though a weapon is discovered inside the car it appears that it is unloaded and in effect harmless. The Prosecution and Defence now are faced with the task of arguing whether a Hard Stop was the right tactic deployed.

Daniel Mays ….. PC Sam Jenkins
Andrea Lowe ….. Jane Tucker
John McAndrew ….. David Fenton QC
Baba Oyedije ….. Dennis Alam
Ron Cook ….. DI Quigley
Robert Blythe ….. Professor Moore
Peter Bleksley ….. Inspector Martin
Sanchia McCormack ….. Court Usher
Khali Best ….. Herol Jackson
Chetna Pandya ….. Judge

Eoin O’Callaghan ….. Director
Gemma McMullan ….. Producer

Hard Stop airs Thursday 13 April at 2:15PM on BBC Radio 4.  The programme will be available via BBC Radio iPlayer shortly after broadcast.

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BBC Radio 4 – Hard Stop

Daniel Mays has been recording “Hard Stop” a new radio play by Peter Bleksley for BBC Radio 4. Other cast includes Khali Best and Baba Oyejide.

“Hard Stop” is scheduled to air on BBC Radio 4 Thursday 13 April at 2:15PM.

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