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BBC Radio 4 – Hard Stop

BBC Radio 4 has released the synopsis for the radio play Hard Stop a new radio play by Peter Bleksley starring Daniel Mays.

Hard Stop


Courtesy of BBC Press

Daniel Mays stars as PC Sam Jenkins, an armed officer sent to intercept a known criminal whom Police Intelligence has reported is on his way to shoot an arch rival.

The interception involves a highly risky operation known as a Hard Stop involving four police cars boxing in a speeding vehicle forcing it to stop before apprehending or neutralizing its occupants.

Having forced two young men off the road Jenkins imagines he sees the passenger reach for a gun and shoots him four times with his rifle. Though a weapon is discovered inside the car it appears that it is unloaded and in effect harmless. The Prosecution and Defence now are faced with the task of arguing whether a Hard Stop was the right tactic deployed.

Daniel Mays ….. PC Sam Jenkins
Andrea Lowe ….. Jane Tucker
John McAndrew ….. David Fenton QC
Baba Oyedije ….. Dennis Alam
Ron Cook ….. DI Quigley
Robert Blythe ….. Professor Moore
Peter Bleksley ….. Inspector Martin
Sanchia McCormack ….. Court Usher
Khali Best ….. Herol Jackson
Chetna Pandya ….. Judge

Eoin O’Callaghan ….. Director
Gemma McMullan ….. Producer

Hard Stop airs Thursday 13 April at 2:15PM on BBC Radio 4.  The programme will be available via BBC Radio iPlayer shortly after broadcast.

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