TV Programme Role Year
Temple Lee 2019
Porters Anthony De La Mer 2019
Code 404 (pilot) John Major 2020
The Interrogation DC Stuart Peters 2018
Mother’s Day Colin Parry 2018
Do Not Disturb: Silent Treatment Brendan TBA
Good Omens Arthur Young 2019
Sky Urban Myths: The Sex Pistols vs. Bill Grundy Mike Housego 2018
My Dinner with Hervé Casey October (USA)/November(UK)2018
Born To Kill Bill 2017
Against the Law Peter Wildeblood 2017
Guerrilla Cullen 2017
Line of Duty Sgt Danny Waldron 2016
The Great Fire Samuel Pepys 2014
Our Story: The Great War Reg Evans 2014
Common Tommy Ward 2014
Nightshift Guv 2014
Mrs Biggs Ronnie Biggs 2012
Public Enemies Eddie Mottram 2012
Treasure Island Dr Livesey 2012
Doctor Who (Series 6, Episode 9) Alex (1 episode) 2011
Outcasts Cass Cromwell 2011
Ashes To Ashes DCI Jim Keats (8 Episodes) 2010
Hustle Mervyn Lloyd (1 Episode) 2010
The Street Mark (1 Episode) 2009
Red Riding: 1983 Michael Myshkin 2009
Red Riding: 1974 Michael Myshkin 2009
Plus One Rob Black (5 Episodes) 2009
Consuming Passion Charles Boon 2008
White Girl Stevie 2008
Half Broken Things Michael 2007
Saddam’s Tribe Uday 2007
Consent Steve 2007
Funland Carter Krantz (11 Episodes) 2005
Monroe: Class Of ’76 DS Steven Grant 2005
Beneath The Skin Moz Burnside 2005
Keen Eddie Ronnie Wiggensey Jr (1 Episode) 2004
Top Buzzer Carlton 2004
Rehab Adam 2003
Tipping The Velvet Jimmy Burns 2002
Dead Casual Unknown 2002
NCS Manhunt Danny Bird (2 Episodes) 2002
Manchild Mechanic (1 Episode) 2002
The Bill Warren Debdale 2001
In Deep Dave Street (1 Episode) 2001
Eastenders Kevin (2 Episodes) 2000

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