Neighbours of Zero

Neighbours of Zero – BBC Radio 4 – Friday 17 Nov

Tune in to BBC Radio 4 Friday 17 November at 3:45PM to listen to Daniel Mays read Neighbours of Zero by Peter Bradshaw.

In Neighbours of Zero by Peter Bradshaw, the perils of the betting shop are comically revealed:

“Now here’s the thing: I lose as well.. Just a bit.. Let me explain..” – and so the narrator does, which involves a neat new system, a betting shop heist, and moral retribution of sorts..

Reader Daniel Mays

Producer Duncan Minshull.

Neighbours of Zero is part of BBC Radio 4’s Short Works Series.

If you miss it, it airs again at 00:30 on 19 November and will be available via iPlayer for 30 days.

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