Line of Duty Series 3 Episode 6 Reviews & Recaps

Line of Duty Series 3 episode 6– 28 April 2016: Urgent exit required, indeed!

What a fantastic ending to an already superb series.  Thanks to the Line of Duty cast and crew for a nail-biting and breath-taking 6 weeks of some of the best written television.

Congratulations are in order as Line of Duty becomes BBC Two’s biggest drama series, ever.

Now onto that stunning finale’s reviews and recaps!

We will be posting reviews and recaps after each episode airs.  If you’d rather not know what has happened until you have watched please proceed with caution on the following links:

The Guardian: Excellent blog and discussion of each episode.

Telegraph: The finale plus 13 burning questions.

Forbes: Nothing less than a tour de police force

The Sun: TV event of the year

Radio Times

Cult Box

Daily Express: A startling finale to the best run yet.

Digital Spy: Pulse pounding finale.

Den of Geek: Line of Duty cements its status as the most thrilling drama on television.

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