Line of Duty Series 3 Episode Reviews & Recaps

We will be posting reviews and recaps after each episode airs.  If you’d rather not know what has happened until you have watched please proceed with caution on the following links:

Line of Duty Episode 1 – 24 March 2016:

The Guardian: Stomach clenchingly tense, visceral and shocking…It’s a mesmerising, screen-owning, hit-the-big-time performance from Mays

The Telegraph:  Actor Daniel Mays works a nice line in baddies (This article has MAJOR episode spoilers so please don’t click if you haven’t watch yet!)

BT TV: Praise for Line of Duty’s Daniel Mays

Custard TV “Mays makes Waldron seem both charming and sinister in equal measure”

The Guardian episode by episode recap updated weekly

Den of Geek

The Daily Mail: The first episode quickly spelled out that for Series Three, creator-writer Jed Mercurio had upped the ante.

The Arts Desk: “Mays is superb”

The Telegraph: Five Stars

Digital Spy: Line of Duty just delivered one of the best scenes on tv in 2016 (THAT interrogation scene!)

Updated 24 March

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