The Great Fire: Episode Four

ITV’s The Great Fire concludes on Thursday 6 November at 9PM.

Episode four

 Thomas guiltily reveals that Sarah’s husband Will is not dead as she suspected. He is in fact alive having deserted to the colonies, leaving his family alone and penniless. Sarah’s shock turns to anger at Thomas. And it’s with a shadow hanging over them that they return to Moorfields…

Meanwhile, the King has retreated to drinking with his mistress when the Queen approaches to inform him James’ efforts are failing. It’s clear the King has no faith in himself anymore but the Queen reminds him of the man he was when they met.
Thomas and Sarah’s emotional reunion with their children is at once threatened by Denton’s men. As they’re preparing to leave, Hannah accidentally lets slip to David that his father is alive. Moments later there’s panic as Thomas and Sarah realise David has run off to the Navy yards to seek the truth about his father, and that Hannah has gone with him.
The streets are descending into chaos and a rabble, joined by Mr Bagwell, lynch the dance teacher Alfredo. This is witnessed by Pepys and Elizabeth, the shocking events overriding their marital problems. Meanwhile, an anxious King rides out to join an exhausted James on the streets, ordering that they starve the fire by using the gunpowder from the Tower to create fire-breaks. When the people protest, the King climbs off his horse and urges their help eye-to-eye.
Meanwhile, Sarah, Thomas and Mary, are back in the city in pursuit of Hannah and David. They take refuge from Denton’s men in a friendly Ropemaker’s house, but to their dismay are turned over to Denton’s men. Thomas escapes with Mary as Sarah is dragged away.
On the streets, the King’s gunpowder strategy begins to work so he makes peace with James and returns to the palace. Pepys’ wife opens the door to see children on the doorstep – David and Hannah Farriner. When Pepys returns home he’s shocked to see the ‘criminal’ family his wife is harbouring. Thomas and Mary arrive and Thomas implores Pepys to help give him an audience with the King.
Sarah stands before the King, accused of treason, with Denton doing everything in his power to convince the King she’s guilty. Pepys and Thomas enter the court, Pepys pleading with the King to see the truth. Thomas confesses that he alone is responsible for the fire and that it is all an accident. Denton cleverly manipulates the King into believing his people will never accept such a weak reason – they want a sacrifice!
The King rides out to his people and as Sarah is readied for her execution Thomas confesses his love for her. When the King inspects the devastation he realises that scapegoats will not aid in rebuilding the city. He gives a rousing address. Fear is their enemy. There will be no more deaths because of this fire. Sarah is released and she, Thomas and their family return to where it all started, the remains of the bakery on Pudding Lane, to rebuild and start afresh.

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