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On My Radar: Daniel Mays’s Cultural Highlights-The Guardian 

Daniel Mays has an excellent interview with The Guardian featuring six of his cultural highlights from Harold Pinter’s play The Homecoming, music by Flawes, television’s This is England (which stars Line of Duty’s Vicky McCLure), the film Orthodox, a Marlon Brando documentary: Listen to Me Marlon, and The Limehouse Golem book (which Danny recently completed a role in the film version). 

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Shakespeare Solos – The Guardian

The Guardian today released the second portion of their #ShakespeareSolos today.
Daniel Mays features with an incredible reading from Macbeth Act II, Scene I.

Read about Danny’s filming of the performance: “I love how dynamic the speech is, how packed full of tension. There is a great journey from the beginning to the end of it … Macbeth is in such a state of panic that he is hallucinating. His mind is playing horrendous tricks on him. As the speech unfolds he goes through this process of psyching himself up [for the murder of Duncan]. There’s an amazing sense of foreboding.”


Commemorating the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare The Guardian asked leading actors to perform some of Shakespeare’s greatest speeches. #ShakespeareSolos 

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#ShakespeareSolos – 1 February 

The Guardian are marking the 400th anniversary Shakespeare’s death with their #ShakespeareSolos featuring leading Brirish actors performing some of his greatest speeches. Daniel Mays will beperforming Macbeth.


The first six videos are released at noon on Monday 1 February.

Daniel Mays official Twitter: @danielmays9