Shakespeare Solos – The Guardian

The Guardian today released the second portion of their #ShakespeareSolos today.
Daniel Mays features with an incredible reading from Macbeth Act II, Scene I.

Read about Danny’s filming of the performance: “I love how dynamic the speech is, how packed full of tension. There is a great journey from the beginning to the end of it … Macbeth is in such a state of panic that he is hallucinating. His mind is playing horrendous tricks on him. As the speech unfolds he goes through this process of psyching himself up [for the murder of Duncan]. There’s an amazing sense of foreboding.”


Commemorating the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare The Guardian asked leading actors to perform some of Shakespeare’s greatest speeches. #ShakespeareSolos 

Daniel Mays official Twitter: @danielmays9


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