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Mother’s Day – Trailer

The BBC has released the trailer for the upcoming 90 minute drama about the 1992 Warington IRA bombing – Mother’s Day. This emotional look at the families and the aftermath of that horrific and shocking event stars Daniel Mays, Anna Maxwell Martin, and Vicky McClure.

On Twitter, Daniel Mays said: Can’t recall a drama I’ve acted in over the years that emotionally resonated with me as much as . Colin, Wendy & Sue, my gratitude knows no bounds in allowing us tell to your story. For Tim & Johnathan.”

Written by Nick Leather (Murdered For Being Different, Broken) Mother’s Day focuses on two ordinary women living either side of the Irish Sea, brought together in the wake of the tragedy.

Anna Maxwell Martin (Motherland, Good Omens) plays Wendy Parry, the mother of 12 year old Tim Parry who lost his life in the attack which left two boys dead and many others injured. Vicky McClure (Line of Duty, The Replacement) plays Susan McHugh, the Dublin mother of two so outraged by the loss of young life that she organised one of the largest peace rallies in Irish history, leading thousands through the streets in protest at the continued violence of the Troubles.

Daniel Mays (Against The Law, Rogue One) will play Tim’s father Colin Parry, with David Wilmot (The Alienist, Black Sails) as Arthur McHugh.

Mother’s Day will air on BBC two on 3 September .

You can see Tim and Jonathan’s legacy at work at the Tim Parry Jonathan Ball Peace Foundation. If you are able, we encourage you to donate to this wonderful foundation as they wage peace on all fronts.

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