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Against the Law – Press Updates


28 July: Robert Elms Podcast (Interview from 24 July)

Gay Times Magazine: August Edition

26 July: Against the Law airs at 9PM on BBC Two

Evening Standard

Evening Standard 726

Radio Times: Why the Peter Wildeblood case in Against the Law was a defining moment for gay-equality.

The Guardian: Wednesday Best TV

BBC Breakfast: A special piece on Against the Law and the BBC’s Gay Britannia Season. (available for 24 hours only)

25 July:

Radio Times: Meet the cast of BBC Two’s Against the Law.

iNews: Interview with Richard Gadd

7:15PM Front Row BBC Radio 4 

Podcast version of BBC Front Row interview: UK and US

Pete Price Radio City 2 from 10PM: Interview with Daniel Mays. Pete Price took part in Against the Law as one of the men interviewed about their experiences of being a gay man during the 1950’s and 1960’s.
Pete Price Radio City 25 July

24 July: Good Morning Britain– ITV – Daniel Mays’s interview is at 7:52AM 

Radio Interviews:
BBC Radio Kent : Interview with Dominic King approx 15 minutes into the broadcast.
BBC Essex: Interview approximately 1 hour 17 minutes into the broadcast.
Robert Elms/BBC Radio London: Interview approximately 1 hour 32 minutes the into broadcast.
BBC Radio Northampton: Interview approximately 1 hour 45 minutes into the broadcast.
TalkSport Radio: Interview with Hawksbee & Jacobs – Interview in the last hour of the show (will be online soon!)
BBC Radio Sheffield: Interview approximately 10 minutes into the broadcast.
BBC Radio Cornwall: Interview approximayely 1 hour 39 minutes into the broadcast

Fergus O’Brien attended a screening and Q&A with Directors UK.

Weekend of 22-23 July:
The Sun
Sunday Express Magazine

22 July – BBC Radio 4 at 19:15 Saturday Review will be discussing Against the Law.

21 July:What’s On TV 

Guardian: The best TV this week

20 July: DQ Daily: Mays Days

19 July: Two articles in The Sun:

Daniel Mays talks about Against the Law

Who is Daniel Mays

19 July 11 PM Radio City 2: Fergus O’Brien Interview with Pete Price on Late Night City. Pete’s story is included in Against the Law. Pete’s Daniel Mays interview will be airing next week (TBA)


TV Magazines 22-28 July:


Metro 18 JulyDaniel Mays has said filming his new factual drama Against The Law was a bracing experience.

“It was important to get right”

Radio Times 22-28 July Edition:  Mark Gatiss is guest editor and Daniel Mays interview

Gay Star News: The barbaric treatment of gay people is exposed in a shocking and sobering new BBC drama

15 July 2017 Guardian article on Peter Wildeblood and the scandal that rocked 1950’s Britain.


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Press Updates – Guerrilla & Born to Kill

We will be keeping track of Daniel Mays’s press appearances and articles for Guerrilla (Sky Atlantic and Showtime) and Born to Kill (Channel 4) right here:


Friday 7 April: The One Show – 7PM BBC One (episode will be available via BBC iPlayer shortly after broadcast)


Courtesy of BBC The One Show

Saturday 8 April: Soccer AM – 9:45 AM Sky Sports 1 & Sky1 (if you miss it, tune in an hour later at 10:45AM on Sky1 +1). Watch Danny’s ‘It’s a Pen Ting’!

Thursday 13 April: Good Morning Britain ITV

Wednesday 18 April: Lorraine ITV

Sunday 30 April: Sunday Brunch Channel 4 9AM


Thursday 13 April:

Edith Bowman at Breakfast  Airs 6-10AM on Virgin Radio. (program will be available online shortly after broadcast)

BBC 5 Live Afternoon Edition Airs 1-4PM on BBC Radio 5 (program will be available online shortly after broadcast). If you listen to anything, this is THE interview.  A very rich and in-depth conversation with Danny. BBC Radio 5 Extras has just Danny’s interview now online.

Saturday 15 April: Loose Ends – 18:15PM BBC Radio 4

Monday 17 April: BBC Front Row  will have a review of Born to Kill.

Wednesday 18 April: BBC Radio Scotland 14:00PM (program will be available online shortly after broadcast).

Thursday 20 April: BBC Radio Wales at 13:15PM

Wednesday 26 April: Steve Wright in the Afternoon BBC Radio 2 at 2PM (will be available shortly after broadcast) Danny’s interview is just after 2 hour 30 minute mark.

Online articles:

8 April: Sun TV magazine
              Whats On TV

9 April: Mail on Sunday – Event Magazine

10 April: Daily Express

12 April: Belfast Telegraph

16 April: Daily Mail – Born to Kill

Sunday Mirror Notebook Magazine

The Sun Fabulous Magazine

18 April: Heat Magazine’s The Unmissables podcast

19 April: The Sun

20 April: The Version

BBC Newsbeat


21 April: Daily Express

Radio Times

3 May : A Stab in the Dark podcast

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