Against the Law – Press Updates


Weekend of 22-23 July:
Sunday Express Magazine

22 July – BBC Radio 4 at 19:15 Saturday Review will be discussing Against the Law.

21 July: What’s On TV 

Guardian: The best TV this week

20 July: DQ Daily: Mays Days

19 July: Two articles in  The Sun

Who is Daniel Mays

19 July 11 PM Radio City 2: Fergus O’Brien Interview with Pete Price on Late Night City. Pete’s story is included in Against the Law. Pete’s Daniel Mays interview will be airing next week (TBA).

TV Magazines 22-28 July:

Metro 18 JulyDaniel Mays has said filming his new factual drama Against The Law was a bracing experience.

“It was important to get right”

Radio Times 22-28 July Edition:  Mark Gatiss is guest editor and Daniel Mays interview

Gay Star News: The barbaric treatment of gay people is exposed in a shocking and sobering new BBC drama

15 July 2017 Guardian article on Peter Wildeblood and the scandal that rocked 1950’s Britain.

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