The Caretaker PwC £10 Preview Tickets

The PwC £10 Preview tickets for The Caretaker will go on release Monday 15 February at noon. At least half the seats in the auditorium will be available for £10 for the first five previews, Saturday 26 March – Friday 1 April.

Disturbed handyman Aston has invited an irascible tramp to stay with him at his brother’s jumbled London flat. At first it seems that the manipulative guest will take advantage of his vulnerable host. But when Aston’s brother Mick arrives, an enigmatic power struggle emerges between the three men that is in equal parts menacing, touching and darkly comic.

Daniel Mays plays Aston, Timothy Spall plays Davies, and George MacKay plays Mick.

The Old Vic Theatre has also released the new Artwork for The Caretaker:


Courtesy of The Old Vic Theatre

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Daniel Mays official Twitter: @danielmays9


The Caretaker

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