the great war:the people’s story

The Great War: The People’s Story Episode Two

Tune in Sunday 17 August at 9PM for episode two of ITV’s compelling The Great War: The People’s Story.


Episode two
The series continues the real-life stories of Reg Evans (Daniel Mays), shot in the face in the trenches, as he undergoes  pioneering plastic surgery – and of Alan Lloyd (Matthew McNullty), who has swapped life with his new wife and baby son for the battlefields of Ypres and the Somme.  But it also explores war on the Home Front – through the diaries of fashionable celebrity cook and restaurateur Hallie Miles (Alison Steadman) and suffragette Kate Parry Frye (Romola Garai), as they see the old Edwardian world crumble around them, opening up ever more opportunities for women, as ever more men – including their own loved ones – and sent to fight and die at the Front.  
Reg Evans – Daniel Mays
Alan Lloyd – Matthew McNulty
Hallie Miles – Alison Steadman
Kate Parry Frye – Romola Garai
Harold Gillies – Jo Stone-Fewings
John Collins – Tom Turner
Jack Sweeney – Jonathan Bullock
Arthur Burke – Giles Anderson
Dorothy Lloyd – Lily Loveless