Daniel Mays – RADA Big Give Christmas Challenge 2016 Ambassador

Daniel Mays is the 2016 ambassador for RADA’s Big Give Christmas Challenge.

Speaking about the event, Daniel says: “RADA creates opportunities for young people from all walks of life and it’s superbly realised in this incredible project.”

More from Daniel Mays:
I feel incredibly blessed to have been given the opportunity to train  at RADA.

My experience there was an unforgettable one; a creative journey of self-discovery, hard work, honing my talent,  opening up horizons and sharing my life with some of the most inspiring and dedicated teachers and students.

Of course, I was aware of RADA’s history. Its reputation and standing within the industry speaks for itself. It was a journey into the unknown for a working class boy from Essex. I need not have been intimidated. RADA matched my drive and ambition every step of the way. From day one it was always nurturing and totally supportive. A space to succeed, fail and continue to grow. At the end of my training, I felt totally equipped and ready to enter the profession. They gave me a bag of tools to hit the ground running and I haven’t looked back. I shall be forever indebted to everyone there for their invaluable expertise and guidance.

All donations gifted to RADA via The Big Give Christmas Challenge between 29 November – 2 December 2016 will be doubled by pledges made from a few generous individuals as well as the Childhood Trust and will help RADA create opportunities for young people.

The money raised for RADA from The Big Give Christmas Challenge will support activities such as free workshops and performances for eligible schools in the UK, inclusive workshops for young people with physical and sensory disabilities and programmes to open up technical theatre training for young people.

Find out more information here.

Help RADA by donating here from 12:00pm Tuesday 29 November when the challenge begins and runs until 2 December 2016. All contributions, whatever the size, are greatly appreciated and will help RADA achieve their goal.

In cooperation with and kind thanks & appreciation to RADA.
We thank you for your continued support of Daniel Mays and RADA.

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RADA Interview with Daniel Mays

Try to be creative with your choices: An interview with Daniel Mays

Daniel Mays has done a fantastic interview for RADA: The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Danny attended RADA for his acting education and training: “I recognise my RADA education as a huge opportunity which has given me invaluable experience.’

Danny is currently starring in The Red Lion at the National Theatre through 30 September.
“Theatre is just intoxicating; that live scenario when the audience is getting so much out of it – if you could bottle that feeling, it would be wonderful.”

Daniel Mays Official Twitter: @DanielMays9