Code 404 – Press Updates

Code 404 starring Daniel Mays and Stephen Graham premiers on Sky Wednesday 29 April at 10PM! All episode will be available on NOWTV the same day for binge watching. 

Code 404 revolves around two Detective Inspectors, DI John Major (Daniel Mays) and DI Roy Carver (Stephen Graham), who are the top crime fighting duo in the Unit. But when an undercover sting goes horribly wrong, Major is gunned down on the job and killed. How will the SIU function without Major? It doesn’t have to. As an ‘asset’ considered too valuable to lose, Major’s body is fast-tracked into an experimental Artificial Intelligence project to bring him back from the dead. The only problem is, Major 2.0 may look like and sound like the original, but something has been lost in translation – quite a lot actually. Somehow, Major’s error-strewn hunches and Carver’s scrambling to make good allows them to just about scrape by.

A little sneak peek from NowTV twitter:

 Ahead of the premiere Danny has been doing some press:

Sunday Brunch

Soccer AM

Radio Times

BBC The One Show

Zoe Ball Breakfast Show

BBC Radio 5 Live

Saturday Live BBC Radio 4

Plot Twist podcast

The Version

Talk Radio – Jamie East Show: Just after 14:30

Sky Press interview and Q&A  – YouTube

The Guardian

Daily Mail


7 Questions with Daniel Mays & Stephen Graham

hmv Presents: My Inspiration Podcast – Daniel Mays

The Version

Makes sure to tune in on Sky on the 29th at 10PM or binge-watch/catch-up on NowTV!

Follow Daniel Mays on Twitter @DanielMays9



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