Mother’s Day – Reviews

Mother’s Day aired on Monday 3 September on BBC Two and was met with critical and audience acclaim. This important and emotional drama about the events surrounding the 1993 Warrington bombings starred Daniel Mays, Anna Maxwell Martin, Vicky McClure.

On the day before Mother’s Day 1993, Colin and Wendy Parry’s lives are torn apart when their youngest son Tim is killed in a terrorist attack by the IRA in Warrington’s town centre. The attack shocks ordinary people on both sides of the Irish Sea.

Review roundup:

Telegraph: ★★★★★ Maxwell Martin and Mays gave performances of exceptional depth and power: she a mother struggling to grieve privately for her lost child; he a father convinced some public good must be mined from so senseless a loss.

Guardian: ★★★★ Daniel Mays is also excellent as Colin Parry, channelling his grief in a different direction, towards ensuring his son didn’t die for nothing, and instead becomes a symbol of peace.

The Times: ★★★★ [Mays] put in potent, restrained performance, conveying a man who found catharsis in speaking to the media, reminding people what a “cracker” Tim was.

Warrington Guardian: the couple are portrayed brilliantly by Daniel Mays and Anna Maxwell Martin.

Independent: Powerfully nuanced performances by Anna Maxwell Martin and Daniel Mays as Tim Parry’s parents.

iNews: Moving performances from Anna Maxwell Martin and Daniel Mays.

Express: Anna Maxwell Martin and Daniel Mays portray a convincing couple.

Mother’s Day is available to watch online until March 2019.

We encourage you to visit and suppport the organization that the Parry family started as a way to honour the life of their son Tim: Peace Centre.

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