It’s a wrap on Guerrilla! 

Filming for Guerrilla has wrapped. Congratulations to the cast and crew!

Guerrilla is a love story set against the backdrop of one of the most politically explosive times in UK history. It tells the story of Jas and Marcus, whose relationship and values are tested when they form a radical underground cell in 1970s London. Their ultimate target becomes the Black Power Desk, a true-life, secretive counter-intelligence unit within Special Branch dedicated to crushing all forms of black activism.

Daniel Mays stars as Cullen one of the Special Branch officers.  Other cast includes Rory Kinnear, Idris Elba, Freida Pinto, Denise Gough, and Babou Ceesay.

‘Guerrilla’ is a co production between Sky Atlantic and Showtime (US).

We will have more updates on this stellar production in the near future. Stay tuned!

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