Guardian Weekend: The Lucky Vera Drake Suit


Daniel Mays as photographed by Julian Anderson for The Guardian

The Guardian Weekend has a great article on lucky items and every day menswear fashion. Daniel Mays participated and shared the story of his bespoke suit from Vera Drake:

My character in Vera Drake, Sid, was outgoing and debonair and worked at a tailor’s, so he was very particular about the suits he wore. I was spending two days a week at a tailor’s in London Bridge for my research when our costume designer, Jacqueline Durran, suggested I make Sid a 1940s suit myself. I chose a green woollen cloth and a blue pinstripe thread, cut the cloth and mocked it up before it was sent away to be constructed. It’s very important to own your character, but to build my costume from scratch was unlike anything I had experienced before. Seeing it in the film gave me an incredible feeling.

Why the suit is lucky for Danny:

I wore the suit for my audition for Joe Wright’s Atonement, so it feels lucky. If there is ever a hint or suggestion that clothing might benefit your chances of getting a job, then I think any actor should try to do that…

Guardian Weekend is available online and on newsstands today.

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