The Great Fire: Episode Three

Itv’s The Great Fire continues on Thursday, 30 October with episode three:

Episode three
Thomas returns to the city in search of Sarah to see the fire spreading with alarming speed across the capital. In Whitehall the King’s angry to learn his orders to create fire-breaks have been ignored by his advisors…

Meanwhile, Sarah stealthily sneaks back into Hanford’s house and retrieves the mysterious box from Señor Romero’s room. Heading back out to meet with Denton, and thinking she’s home free, she comes face-to-face with Thomas. Under Denton’s watchful eye she tries to warn him away, quietly begging him to retrieve David from Newgate. She leaves Thomas confused and hurt. 
When Sarah delivers the box to Denton, he’s disappointed – it merely contains letters from the King’s mother to her Priest. He’s convinced it’s the wrong box and sends her back to retrieve the correct one. This time, when she enters Romero’s room, he and Hanford catch her in the act. Sarah begs for mercy, explaining Denton coerced her into this act – that he has her son. 
Denton reads the letters from the box and realises James is the mastermind behind an assassination of his brother by Señor Romero. He marches on the Duke’s house only to see Sarah escaping, and – when they become embroiled in a tussle – stabs Hanford to death. 
At Newgate, the fire is upon them and Thomas manages to free David and the other prisoners. Thomas asks Vincent to escort David to Moorfields, so he can save Sarah.
Denton is on the move towards the palace, where he interrupts a meeting between the King, Romero and James, and levels his accusation of treason against them. James denies there is any such assassination plot and instead reveals he was orchestrating a move to convert the King to Catholicism – Romero is merely a priest. Denton drags Romero away for interrogation, now fixated on Sarah’s involvement in a Catholic conspiracy. He strangles the Spaniard to death before he can clear her name. 
When the King and his brother James are alone, James attests that he is only guilty of trying to make his brother a better king. He gives his brother an ultimatum: serve your people on the streets fighting this fire or he will. But it is James who rides out of the palace to fight the fire. 
Elizabeth confronts Pepys about his infidelity, in the wake of Mr Bagwell’s visit to their home, but Pepys pleads ignorance. In retaliation Elizabeth visits Alfredo her dance teacher, but when things get passionate she realises she cannot consummate an affair. Meanwhile, Thomas finally finds Sarah on the streets, hiding from Denton’s men. Together they find shelter. She is overwhelmed to hear that David is safe. And tells Thomas she knows of her husbands death. The pair fall passionately into each other’s arms.

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