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Seekers Episode 2: The Wedding Crushers

Catch up with Seekers episode 2: The Wedding Crushers

Tune in Thursday 18 June for Episode 3: I Kissed a Bear and I Liked It:
Stuart needs to bond with Vanessa’s parents, and Joe and Terry raise an egg.

Previous Seekers episodes:
Episode 1: What Did I Miss?

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Seekers Series 2 – Begins 4 June – BBC Radio 4

Seekers Series 2 premieres on Thursday 4 Jun at 23:00 on BBC Radio 4! Seekers

Series 2 Episode 1 (of 6): So What Did I Miss?

Stuart is back from America, and there have been big changes while he’s been away. A second series of the jobseeking sitcom starring Matthew Horne, Daniel Mays, Tony Way and Zahra Ahmadi. Tune in Thursday at 23:00!

Series 2 Episode 2: The Wedding Crushers will air on Thursday 11 Jun at 23:00 on BBC Radio 4.

Daniel Mays Official Twitter: @DanielMays9