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Mother’s Day – Press

Mother’s Day is scheduled to air on BBC Two on Monday, 3 September. Be on the lookout for several press and print interviews with Daniel Mays, the cast and creative team:


Thursday, August 30th – BBC the One Show – 7PM (scheduled with Anna Maxwell Martin). BBC link is available until 30 September.

August 22nd: BBC London News Interview

Print & Online:

August 21st:

Warrington Guardian

Liverpool Echo

August 26th: Q&A video from the Peace Centre premiere

August 29th: The Big Issue

August 30th: Radio Times

August 31st: Telegraph

August 30th: Nick Leather -Mother’s Day writer- interview on Front Row


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Interview: Loaded Magazine

Daniel Mays

Courtesy of Loaded Magazine and ©Dave Willis

“I’ve tried to go with wherever the interesting choice is, whether it’s on stage, TV or film. I try to mix those up as much as possible.”

Daniel Mays has another great interview with Loaded Magazine. Danny discusses Dad’s Army, Line of Duty, why the BBC is so important, and the hard graft that is being an actor.

“Anyone can see that the BBC makes quality programmes and is in our country’s lifeblood.”

Daniel Mays stars in the upcoming Line of Duty for the BBC as well as his debut at The Old Vic in Harold Pinter’s The Caretaker.

Daniel Mays

Courtesy of Loaded Magazine and ©Dave Willis


Daniel Mays official Twitter: @danielmays9


Daniel Mays interview: The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail had a wonderful interview with Daniel Mays this past weekend about his experience with filming ITV’s The Great Fire earlier this year.
Danny stars in this epic miniseries event as diarist Samuel Pepys:
“The more research I did, the more he amazed me; his turbulent marriage, his eccentricities, his compassion for his city.’

The Great Fire begins this Thursday 16 October at 9PM on ITV!


Episode One