#Inspired Series by Slick Showreels

Daniels Mays: #Inspired Series By Slick Showreels

Daniel Mays has a great interview with Slick Showreels for their #Inspired series.

Speaking to Danny was extremely insightful. No matter how high up the ladder you get, this industry is still tough.

We asked Danny what advice he would give for auditions and his views on the importance of networking. Both interesting answers:
He said it’s important to cease the moment and remember it’s not an exercise in learning lines. If you have lots of pages to learn the day before, don’t stress out too much, but if you have a a week, make sure you learn it.
It might sound like obvious advice, but it’s reassuring coming from someone like Danny Mays.

Watch Danny’s interview:

Danny Mays from Slick Showreels on Vimeo.

Slick Showreels explains: The purpose of these #Inspired interviews are to take individuals who are jobbing actors or industry professionals who make a successful living from working within this industry. Let’s say its advice that we all wish we’d have got before we’d spent so many years within the film and television industry!

Thanks to Slick Showreels for this fantastic interview!

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